An Ode To Peace, Flowers In Flames, Voll 2 Poem by Matloob Bokhari

An Ode To Peace, Flowers In Flames, Voll 2

Matloob Bokhari
In the heartless world, sons of Satan are Practicing persecution, hatred and domination.
Maniacs are killing the children of God in the name of faith
Despots are making earth red with blood
Dogma is suppressing the freedom of conscience;
Whipping, chaining and switching off thinking minds
Killing creative souls; closing mental models
Colonial masters are robbing resources through organized violence
Terrorists are mocking the weeping orphans,
Whose wounds are deep, whose pain is keen
Whose sobbing sounds are heard only by the wind of night

O Eirene! O benign queen of peace
Mercy and peace are in your beautiful eyes.
In an intolerable world,
O Eirene! open the window of peace
Brighten the night with the light of your thoughts
O Eirene!
Love, peace and compassion are flowing in your veins
So, sow seeds of love which will bear fruit of perfect peace
Teach savages to live in love; to live in peace
O Eirene!

Your name is shining like a bright star in the sky
Birds in the sky, fish in the river and raindrops In the air are listening your songs of peace
All are dancing together; all are singing together
No hate, no guns, no bombs
O Eirene!
Your dream; my dream and dream of all peaceful hearts is:
May all of us loathe war, may no orphan, no widow cry in pain
May no children of Adam follow footprints of Satan
May all teachers cultivate flowers of peace and love in students' souls
May people, plants and animals of this planet live in perfect peace
May all the children of Allah repay evil with goodness
O Eirene! O benign queen of peace
May we all live in mercy and peace!
Sweet peace!

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