Water In Desert Poem by Matloob Bokhari

Water In Desert

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Life is not possible to survive without water.
God gave free to all the gift of rivers, rain and fountains

All the religions declared that no worldly bounty is greater than water
Digging of wells and giving water is ordained best charity
All the pious people walking on the path of love,
Have been quenching the thirst of humanity to obey God

Like many other lovers of Gracious God, Hashemites walked in love; lived in kindness

Qussay was the foremost to serve water to the pilgrims of the Sacred House
Abd-Menaf inherited the mission of arranging water in the scorching land
Hashim, eldest son of Menaf, provided water to the visiting pilgrims
Abd-ul-Muttalib served heavenly water to quench the thirst of thirsty pilgrims
Abu-Talib continued ancestry traditions of serving water to the visitors of Kaaba
He handed over this sacred mission to his brother al-Abbas
The Prophet Muhammad said service to mankind is service to God

His emphasis on kindness for all God's creations is the essence of Islam
Caring for plants, birds, animals and human being was declared an act of charity
Serving water even to a dog panting out of thirst was considered as best worship
All world religions share and support this concept.

Imam Ali declared that the best worship is serving water to a thirsty person
The father of orphans served milk even to his killer to quench his thirst
When Caliph Uthman was blockaded, Ali sent him water through his sons
Imam Hasan all his life served food to hungry, clothes to poor and shelter to shelter less

Imam Hussain had unparalleled qualities of generosity
He served water to the thirsty soldiers and horses of tyrant Yazeed
Hussain whose blessed ancestors served water all though their lives
With parched lips, begged a drop of water from the savage Bedouins
What a helplessness!
When all his companions were martyred; passed from prison to paradise
From a place of hardship to eternal bliss
Hussein stood lonely and alone
Impaled with arrows open in the vale of sorrow, screamed
"O' Allah, O' my Lord! My consolation is You are witnessing what I am going through." Hussein, victorious in death, screamed
"Is there anyone who will come to assist us?
Is there any helper who will respond to our call for help?
Is there anyone to assist us in the name of Allah?
Is there anyone who would defend the Household of the Prophet"?

Rain shower of arrows, flaming tents, bragging enemies,
No water but tears on the plains of Karbala

Ridden with wounds of Swords, spears and arrows, Hussain thanked the Helper of the helpless,

What a thirst!
When shameless Shimr moved towards Hussain with the sword and mounted on his chest.
And was slitting his parched throat
Then the Imam requested Shimr "Even if you are bent upon killing me, at least give me some water to drink. My liver is breaking in pieces due to thirst."
The prophet had repeatedly asked his followers to treat his children with love and respect
The symbol of evil killed the apple of prophet's eye thirsty, hungry and oppressed.
His body was trampled by horses, his head was cut off and placed on a spear
Shimr ruthlessly beheaded Hussain on the burning plains of Karbala
The noble head kissed often by the Prophet (S)was carried on the tip of a spear
In the arid desert of sorrow and affliction
orgy of blood, screaming babes, , wailing ladies, calling Apostle of Allah

Headless bodies of the progeny of the prophet were left on the open plains
Innocent blood made Karbala a garden of paradise, a shining star for the people of earth

My friends!
In the whole course of humanity, good hearts, good minds and good souls have been serving humanity
While anger, greed, lies and jealousy have been ruthlessly killing the children of Adam
The law of nature is evil remains evil and good is good

The dark forces are soon forgotten in the dense darkness of graves
The divine light shines forever on the shrines of lovers of humanity

Sylvia Frances Chan 09 June 2019

A most devotional, most beautifully worded poem, a grand Tribute to Allah, dear poet friend Matloob! I absolutely love your poem and appreciate most you that you respect and love God too. Thank YOU for sharing! A 10 and much much more for the voting. Always your humble friend in God and Poetry.

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Chinedu Dike 08 June 2019

A fine and lofty verse well articulated and nicely brought forth with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing, Matloop.

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