An Ode To The Leaders Poem by Avik Datta Gupta

An Ode To The Leaders

Someone taught you, how to yell..
From the back..
Oh! My leader!
You're well on your track!
As you see your flogged multitude
Giving you all the leaders dues
A word is all that you need to say
And the people you lead..
Will pave your way
The people yearning for a piece of bread
Is lured by the false dream of a piece of cake
A dream knitted by you..
Numbed and hypnotized
By the future you portray
To the dazed and confused
Little do they know that
They are only being used..
For just one of your numerous goals
As you lead a million dying souls.

But the leader the lonely man right in front
The man who is taking all the brunt
Of his commitment to change from his humble shack
Is laughed and scorned all the way right upto the back
As he wades and heaves feeling your whip's crack
Cutting in deep into his skin, like a third degree burn
Isn't it how a 'true' leader earns
An unseen qualification of leadership
A people's man, holding a people's whip.
'Forward', you cry from the back
And the frontline gets butchered and hacked
To a world and a place nobody knows
A place where no one has ever been,
A place that none had cared to see
And one battle is over and the bottles are out..
As you toast on the victory of your leadership's glout!

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