An Ordained Beauty Poem by Pushpa Ratna Tuladhar

An Ordained Beauty

Soi Pyei Thasin, the well-known Burmese
Cine artist, Singer and Model
after having ordained as the Buddhist monk.

Sowing my own beauty
Thriving the fruits of wealth
Out of my acting, singing,
dancing and modeling
As my keen performance
Consented the limitless joy
She attained herself accomplished
And blossomed altogether
On edge of the eyes of all her enthusiast.

When my eye-conscious
Suffer itself the amorous living
as it's -

The wrinkled complexion
Of my immeasurable beauty
The perishable nature
Of my earnest wealth
My pondering muses,
My hoping dances,
My daily action and its results
Impermanence, sufferings and not self.

Would I bloom totally for ever
as it is now
In the craving eyes of all her enthusiast?

Impermanence is
My arduous beauty,
My deserved wealth
And my every lively affair
Sufferings is my sufferings
What's meaning of
Me and myself
No. All's not self.

Thrusting aside as a whole of
My beauty
My wealth
Apart from me, myself and my body
My virgin black hairs
Shaved out of my head
With the sharp razors
Implemented the ultimate truth
Clothed in the robes from the assembly
Grasped the bowl for alms
Only for my nutriment
With the immeasurable
At last my dwellings in vihar.

Rinsed out all the dirt and filth
Of greed, hatred and delusion
Grasping the four noble truths
Devoted in morality
Confer in concentration
Soaked in wisdom
Cast away the greed, hatred and delusion
Hindering the door of rebirth
With my objective to nirvana.

My adolescent steps
Pursues steadily in order
To the path of purification
Devoted to the triple gems
Consecrated to the triple gems
Surrendered to the triple gems
cakkhu-vinnana - Eyes-consciousness
kamma - Karma or deed (action)
vipak - Results of deed or action
anicca - Impermanence
dukkha - Suffering (Four noble truth)
anatta - not self or without a self
paramattha satya - Ultimate truth
sangha - assembly (Community of Buddhists monks)
viksha - alms
aahar - modest nutriment or
yagu - the liquid rice meal
bramhavihar - immeasurables
(loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, equanimity)
shil - Morality
samadhi - Concentration
panna - Wisdom
ashrava - Greed, hatred and delusion
arahat or nibbana
visuddhamagga - Path of purification or
ti-sarana - Triple gems (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha)

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