...And I Will Always Love You Poem by Rohan Nath

...And I Will Always Love You

Rating: 4.5

I made vows to never depart away from her
But alas! Yesterday was her last day with me
Oh! How I wish fate would travel as I prefer
Constantly listening to me and voluntarily agree

I sat right next to her as she suffered
Suffered from the merciless disease
That smote her with a rusty sword
Sword that brought her down to her knees

I looked at her hopeless wrinkled appearance
Her flowing tresses have now lost its dye
She gave me a weak smile as I glanced
My conscience can't smile but just sigh

I grasped her hand while she lay on the bed
Motionless like a leaf on a flowing rivulet
Her existence now hangs on a fragile thread
I deeply desire to own a time controller with reset

Its been an amazing adventure staying with her
We occasionally argued but it didn't proceed long
And for ever and a day cherished each other
For our love is eternal and exceptionally strong

The white blank sheets on which I inscribe
Requests me not to drench them with tears
While the brutal death looks at me and gibes
But I know life goes on and I shouldn't fear

Because I still treasure your golden memories
Deep down within my mind I still got the views
Reminiscences of how we first met and our first kiss
And how you whispered in my ears 'I will always love you'

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Hazel Durham 21 January 2014

Brilliant write that continues the story with the death of your beloved wife with your passion for her always forever. Deep in your heart she sustains your life with the reality of having loved and been loved beyond death as your hearts are connected forever!

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