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Stay holding on to the moutain cliff!
Beacuse deep down below all you can find is grief.
You have come too far above touching the sky.
Imagine about all you have tolerated to come this high.

You sang me my first song when I was in the womb.
Endured pain to grant me the breath of existence,
Shed tears of joy when I was released from the cocoon.
How could I ever forget your warm hug and over possessiveness?

I think I see the mighty hills of Darjeeling.
What magnificence, it is that they bring!
Bold as a King, so high its peak.
Where the oaks grow densely and so do teak.

There were ripples of the sparkling stream.
The crystalline water was mirroring the blue sky.
That befriended with the sun's wonderful beam.
Beams of the dazzling looking golden eye.

Why can't we grasp each others hands and breathe like siblings?
Why can't we settle together in peace and sing?
Why do we seek power when collectively we are invulnerable?
Why do the powerful yet coward humans harass not strong but only feeble?


Who would contradict the affection of a mother?
She who endeavoured to bestow us the breath of existence;
Intensely compassionate in personality they are.
Secures us and therefore forms our defense.

These I kingdoms that once I owned.
Trumpets and drums were played before I enter.
Attendants march behind until I reach the throne.
Almighty! King Arthur! It's all I remember.

Be not be imprisoned in an enclosure.
Look outside and see the beauties God has to offer.
Break free the humbled chains of timorousness.
Flutter your wings in the method of elegence.

There are faded appearances on the wall.
Adjoining rooms gives a bloodcurdling bawl.
I notice a figure standing behind the mirror.
Please leave me unaccompanied, whoever you are!

The little robin sang, ‘I can't fly.
Mother, I can't fly.
I fear the dreadful descent.
I fear the immeasurable depth.'

Captain! Our soldiers have deceased on the battleground.
Young youths! Yes, they were young boys!
Their motionless figure lies on the ground.
Crimson immortal stream shall never end flowing.

Distressed and damaged, I laid in the abyss.
I prayed to Almighty and wept frequently.
Loss was common and so I lost my hope.
What do I perceive?

The stars twinkles bright tonight,
While I lie awake and miss you.
Among the star you reside;
I can feel you reaching down to kiss me.

Do not love me, if appearance entertains thee;
For they are deceptive like an illusion,
Hoodwinking the multitude with splendor,
But inside the core may lie darkness.

On that day you were looking no less than a white swan.
Your blond tresses intertwined like golden chains.
My eyes fixed upon your loveliness couldn't be withdrawn.
It appears that you have illuminated the entire domain.

I made vows to never depart away from her
But alas! Yesterday was her last day with me
Oh! How I wish fate would travel as I prefer
Constantly listening to me and voluntarily agree

There a soldier lied on the exhausted sanatorium bed.
Stayed unvoiced and numb as he bled.
Faintly opened his eyes to observe the mayhem,
While a red uniformed nurse was announcing several names.

I arrange myself on a chair and hold a pen flanked by my fingers,
And gaze inquisitively in all directions and think what shall I write about?
The vacant pages facing me look at me with a hopeful expression for hours.
For these flat colorless sheets want my fountain pen to spout,

Birth is just the start of an epic voyage.
The smile of a mother's face is radiant.
The first cry of happiness is joyous.
The effort for a fresh life is brilliant.

I daily wake up early in the glacial morning.
The birds greet me with their blissful singing.
The cold air penetrates through the window,
To savage all the heat grouped under my blanket below.

Rohan Nath Biography

I am an aspiring poet; I live in the beautiful city of Siliguri. The metropolitan city is flanked by inexperienced hills on the side, thus providing breathtaking view. My life is like any other school-going busy kid. Go to school, come back and go to sleep. The comfort me from the work stresses I write poems. This is my story… Copying the poems is a violation against law. Please don't do it. Thank you.)

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Stay holding on to the moutain cliff!
Beacuse deep down below all you can find is grief.
You have come too far above touching the sky.
Imagine about all you have tolerated to come this high.
You may cry and you possibly will suffer.
But retreat is not your word, for you are a cliffhanger.

An accomplishment never comes too easy.
It's a long twisted road full of obstacles and too messy.
Let your hands sore; Let your legs be numb!
But do not be all gloomy then succumb.
Believe yourself and you can accomplish wonders.
Prove yourself mighty, for you are a cliffhanger.

You will initiate your journey as an unknown.
People will mock at you and you will be thrown.
Don't listen to any of them and continue your journey,
For there will be a time when you will have glee.
Life will show you the best and worst it can offer.
Pull yourself up and reach for the peak, for you are a cliffhanger.

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