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And What If I Did? - Poem by Bragg Adocio

And what if i did?  

At that very moment, she looked as if one more gust of wind would have her shattering into a million pieces...... and i wonder, if i had opened my mouth, if i were to say what i wanted to say, needed to say, would the breeze blow ever so slightly?
If I had told her that; if everything I knew to be true was false, she would be the only lie I ever saw, then what? Would she suddenly re-assemble into a structure strong enough to hold up this heavy weight in her heart, Or, maybe, lighten the load all-together? I doubt that. I'm no magician, I have no magic words, no phrase like-glue. After-all, if I could write her a poem that'd make her knees weak, I'd have run out of ink long ago.
Nobody ever told me goodbyes would be this hard, but, she looks like nobody ever told her that goodbyes even exist.
'as long as I have ears' I thought 'I will always hear your voice' but, once night starts to set in and the lights all fade away that silence, that silence soaks into my soul sobering my senses and I, I lose what was left of my never Evers and happy memories, they all float away like bottled messages to recycle themselves and find new homes, and leave me homeless.
And what if I followed? What if I decided to pack up what's left of my heart and put soul to gravel, chasing dreams like running streams of change and new worlds, tumbling all the way and standing up knowing that the wind speaks in scents of familiar faces that used to serve me smiles?
Could I, would I, shatter into a million pieces and give you a piece a day so you have a daily reminder, or, would I, should I, be a burden, give you my entirety and hope to find room in your room for more baggage? Room in your room, for me.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 22, 2010

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