Angel Forbidden Poem by Jo Lynn Ehnes

Angel Forbidden

She flew with wings of pristine white
Until the day a voice revealed
That Heaven reached beneath the clouds
Where flowers bloomed in luscious fields

And rainbows graced the spacious skies,
A sight an Angel must behold
To ever soar through Paradise
On treasured wings of dazzling gold.

Emotions flared within her mind.
She envied those in brilliant flight.
Obeying words of one unseen
She quickly fled the realm of light,

Descending to an unknown world
To view the marvels to be found
And gain the promised cherished gift,
But darkness ruled this fateful ground.

The moment when she touched the earth
Her wings of white were cloaked in black.
No vivid blooms or colored arcs
Adorned this land of vile attacks.

Assaulted by demonic plagues
Her body lost its graceful form.
No longer could she soar the skies
To flee this raging savage storm.

She prayed unto her Lord above
To save her from this wretched place.
His gentle voice was recognized
And in her mind she saw His face,

But not the smile He always shared
For disappointment ruled His tone.
The words He spoke destroyed her hopes,
'My child, you chose to walk alone

The day you left your home above.
Enticed by Lucifer you fell
And in this hell you'll ever roam,
Forbidden from my realm to dwell.'

He left her huddled in despair,
Misguided by her jealousy,
With longings of another time
When she was loved and flying free.

Jo Lynn Ehnes

Jo Lynn Ehnes

Alliance, Nebraska
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