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is found;
are two, then shared

Autumnal winds caress my face
as summer's heated breeze expires.
The years have quickened in their pace,
foregoing my misplaced desires.

When life becomes a trembling world of fear,
you question every single move you make,
afraid your loving soul will disappear;
for danger looms, awaiting your mistake.

Alone, awaiting warmth to show,
I'm stroked by autumn's final breeze.
These vibrant branches once aglow
are now suppressed by time's disease.

Revealed unto my waiting soul;
the secret keeper of the key.
A tender touch unveils his role
as rings of love encompass me.

In pools of liquid acid blues
my essence slowly drowns.
Immersed in stinging words of truth,
corrosive hurt compounds.

A soft caress within the night
awakes my burning need for bliss.
Entangled with your warm delight;
seduction starts amidst this kiss.

The words escape my joyous mind;
this love I feel I can't define.
It snuck up quickly from behind,
without forewarning or a sign.

Embrace me in your vibrant arms of steel
and slowly flood my spirit with your soul.
Enwrap my heart with love to help me heal
from memories of hate which had control.

Where is thy love, which raptures me
and guides me through seductive dreams?
I'm anxiously awaiting thee
to transport me on glistening beams.

My songs of love no longer flow
without his melody.
The day our coupled dream elapsed
the music fled from me.

A gift beneath the Christmas tree
is not my wish this year.
I'd rather that he comfort me
and hold me ever near.

Amidst the darkness of the western skies
there gleams a lone and fading weeping star.
Within the night a brilliance from afar
observes her hurting soul and hears her cries.

Last night I watched a shooting star
move swiftly through the midnight skies.
It drew a wish for love afar;
a man for whom my spirit cries.

I never dreamed Seduction's voice
would vanish with the rise of day.
Abandonment, a hurting choice,
has caused my jaded soul to fray.

Amidst the colors of a vibrant dawn
two eagles soar within their own domains.
Each searching for a mate, they're slowly drawn
towards the skies which destiny maintains.

O, hand of God, thy divine presence missed
in rainbows bright and waves that brush ashore.
O, Holy One, a nation gone adrift,
I pray we sense the heart of thee once more.

O, sonnet song, you're sweet poetic wine,
I thirst for you, no other verse compares.
Romantic beauty weaves, like slender vine,
around and upward on angelic stairs

I never thought our lives would come to this,
a step away, yet miles and miles apart.
No more to seek from you a needed kiss,
for on this day I'd rise, I would depart

I need a view of one who's true,
who'll see me through
missteps in life,
ill-lighted strife.

The Best Poem Of Jo Lynn Ehnes

Love Is (Found) Is Love

is found;
are two, then shared
are understanding
and trust entwined with truth.
Defined are dreams and romance;
aroused are emotions inside;
whenever destiny is working.


Working is destiny whenever
inside emotions are aroused.
Romance and dreams are defined.
Truth with entwined trust and
understanding are
shared, then two are
found is

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