Keeper Of The Key Poem by Jo Lynn Ehnes

Keeper Of The Key

Rating: 5.0

Revealed unto my waiting soul;
the secret keeper of the key.
A tender touch unveils his role
as rings of love encompass me.

The binding locks that jail my heart
are opened by his willful might.
The chains of bondage rip apart
as forceful hands redeem my light.

Enfolded in his warm embrace,
my spirit soars as joy's released.
A passion's glow assumes the place
of darkened skies where dreams had ceased.

Aurora burns as peace surrounds;
a brighter dawn inflames my eyes.
A pleasing comfort now abounds,
removing sorrow from my cries.

Enhanced by rays of saving grace
my world reflects a dazzling beam.
The shine of credence floods my face
as destiny entwines this team.

Within a treasure chest he'll seal
the gem which set my essence free.
He'll bury it where love is real;
his heart's the keeper of the key.

Nasra Al Adawi 26 February 2005

yes its true...I got touched by your poem...

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dissatified exmember 25 February 2005

You ar a very good poet. I love the depth of your words. Very well written Hugs Jan

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Sandra Osborne 25 February 2005

Very good again, the first line of thhe last line missed a beat, but excellent still.

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Jo Lynn Ehnes

Jo Lynn Ehnes

Alliance, Nebraska
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