Anna Is Waiting Behind The Window Poem by Parwin Jadan

Anna Is Waiting Behind The Window

Can any body sing this song?
Fairy Anna my heart without you
Like grey cold aches flying by feral storm
hey fellow
How much I am bored without her
Hey my girl with brown long her
You hunted my heart
and I don't know how?
like the sky is hold and up without poles
I beg u my girl come silently
come after the mid night
wearing a the white sleeping gown
your hair is free
bare don't make up your self
Be like the newborn babies
Don't walk Anna!
Run when I catch you
I wanna listen to your fast breathes
I want to get warm from the heat comes from your burning body
don't knock the door I know u are coming from the knocking of my heart
Oh please don't be late
and come right now
or else u will be late
might be another day
while u r wearing a black dress
heely black shoes
at that time no one will answer
only a white stone
Even though, your coming
Gonna be like the heavy cloud, Alas…

Emma Adamyan 21 March 2010

a huge flame of passion is got in here. good work and feelings as well

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