Another Conversa Mi Amiga.... - Poem by RIC S. BASTASA

i am proud to say, i do not hide my ignorance and lapses 7: 06 AM
but i always hide my eggs 7: 06 AM


h ehehe 7: 06 AM

for fear that it may get burned 7: 07 AM


but 7: 07 AM
it is because uv got confidence 7: 07 AM
ur ignorance is minimal hehehe 7: 07 AM
compared to us 7: 07 AM

confidence is the flower of ignorance 7: 07 AM


so nasa taas gihapon ka 7: 07 AM
safe up there 7: 07 AM
u can still be naked 7: 08 AM

it is cold up there 7: 08 AM
lonelier 7: 08 AM
because there only a few of me here 7: 08 AM
(har har har) 7: 08 AM
'few of me' 7: 08 AM


t ht's confidence hehehe 7: 08 AM
few og u 7: 08 AM

looking down the cliff and asking the ant 7: 08 AM


of u 7: 08 AM

Hey mr. ant what's breakfast? 7: 08 AM
what is the weather down there? 7: 09 AM
and the ant said 7: 09 AM
You worm, why are you up there? 7: 09 AM
you will die when the sun comes up? 7: 09 AM


h ehehehe 7: 09 AM
wow 7: 09 AM

and i said, how dare you call me worm? 7: 09 AM
i am a caterpillar 7: 10 AM
and the ant said: caterpillar is a worm, idiot! 7: 10 AM


h ahahaha 7: 10 AM

and the caterpillar said: watch out when i become a butterfly 7: 10 AM
i will ride the sun 7: 10 AM


s unog 7: 10 AM

and the ant said: try it mr. butterfly, sting like a bee and be 7: 11 AM
that dead boxer of the world 7: 11 AM


n ice story 7: 11 AM

and the worm said: (yucks, this ants knows many things 7: 11 AM


h ahahah 7: 11 AM

how come does he know about muhamad?) 7: 11 AM


h umble ant 7: 11 AM

and the ant said: hey worm, i can hear you? i have feet with ears 7: 12 AM


b ecause the ant is grounded hehehe 7: 12 AM
she knows and she sees 7: 12 AM

and the worm said: with ears or not, you are still the ant that feed on morsels and dead leaves 7: 12 AM
ant: well, at least i feed myself from honest means 7: 13 AM
worm: i did not say that you are dishonest, and what's honesty got to do with our conversation? 7: 13 AM


h ahaha 7: 13 AM
true 7: 13 AM

ant: (ugma na lang ta maghuman kay magsulat pag balak si alis kweng ka) 7: 14 AM
ha ha 7: 14 AM
nadalahig ka hinoon sa akong ka buang 7: 14 AM

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, February 27, 2011

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