Another Kind Of Love Poem by J M. Basey

Another Kind Of Love

I want to get to know you,
Inside and out of your mind,
Most men only want you for your body,
I want you for your imagination.

I want to hear about your thoughts and ideas,
That makes you the beautiful essence of a woman,
Of which you have become and in my eyes you always will be,
Tantalize and tease me just with your words.

As you speak them so eloquently yet softly,
Because I don't want to get to know you from the neck down,
I want to get to know you firstly from the neck up,
You got me from the first word spoken from those lips.

So before we throw in the complexity,
Of getting to know one another so sexually,
Let the both of us get within an intimate mentality,
Climaxing with conversational sensuality.

While other men are looking to find your soul under the bed sheets,
I want to find your mind that is so divine by the way it speaks,
Engaging your every wish and dream with a ring in hopes of knowing you so deeply,
I will feel compelled to marry your thoughts.

Speak to me so passionately,
Bind and confine me,
Let your words open up a new world,
For us both to explore,

Listening so attentively as you describe how hard a life you've had,
And you don't know how much of a wife you can be to any man anymore,
As I make sure to kiss and wipe away every tear,
Letting you know that with me you have nothing to fear.

Needing my fix from your rich vocabulary,
Hit me with loving words extraordinarily,
Let me gaze upon and admire,
As you rise up like a phoenix from a fire.

If you were to fall asleep in my arms,
The presence of your beauty,
Would keep me awake in awe,
Of your unequivocal femininity,

Caressing your hair out of your eyes,
As the moon shines through the window,
Upon your womanly figure,
I take the time to count each eyelash,
Slowly and one by one.

I know we could move quickly into some sexual stuff,
For me that wouldn't be enough,
Just know that I've always appreciated the explicitness,
That comes from deep between your lips...
...Meaning...your voice.

I'm here now ready to reaffirm,
Still willing to listen and learn,
We can be the anywhere you want this time,
So sweetheart would you tell me what's on your mind?

By Jay Basey © 2012

Monday, September 17, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: romance,love
J M. Basey

J M. Basey

Brisbane, Queens, Aus
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