Another Love Story – Iii (The Final Chapter) Poem by Phantom Anonymous

Another Love Story – Iii (The Final Chapter)

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Hello again, I hope I find you well, this is the last part of this stupid story to tell,

This continues from where I left you last, I know it’s a little confusing; it all went by real fast.
To you all I’m sorry; because of her, this is the last of this story,

She’s bent my heart in so, many ways and still achieves my glory,

It’s really sad, she broke my heart and now she lives in darkness,

It’s really not my fault she receives her love in harshness,

What does that mean? Oh! I’m sorry, my bad,

She went off and married that stupid jock; as you can see I’m mad,

Well……maybe you can’t see but you get what I’m saying,

I was pissed she stepped pass me and on to the next guy waiting,

That young and married, how dumb can one be,

now he treats her like dirt, plain for everyone to see,

She says she wants me now; HAH! ! As if, how long did she think I’d wait?

What! ! ....until I was grey, too old to change my own fate,

Now she stands before me, tears in her eyes,
She’s in some skimpy clothes; that reveal colored bruises on her thighs,

I really feel for her; my hearts definitely not made of stone,

It seems I thought my love had gone, it truly shows it’s grown,

It’s now that she wants me; it’s now she sees I loved her,

Unfortunately now my heart she does not hamper,

I look at her quite slowly, my tears plain to see,

Saying in one quick burst; “If it was meant to be, it would be”.

You’ve told me twice before, so I’ll repeat it again;

It would have never worked between us, so let this be the END”.

To the person that gave me advice, you know who you are,
Thanks for your kind words, and granting me your sympathy thus far….
Until next I write……goodbye.

Rain Storm 18 May 2006

Another 'love' ironic, i like though

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