Translucent Love

With one love departing, another arrives, don’t think badly of me though, I do to survive
No man ought to live with to love no matter his Stature; to love in this life there’s no too mature.

She knows how much I love her, she knows how much I care,
She doesn’t make a single move, no matter how I stare,
I told her that I loved her, but….I doubt she even cared,
I might just try to show her…………but yet, there’s still my fear,
She is as graceful as a feathery white dove, yet still,
I see it hard to convey the depths of my love…….
I love her beyond words, beyond meaning, beyond reason, beyond thought…beyond life,
She is as important to me as life, as the very beat of my heart,
It truly didn’t seem I lived before her; it’s as if I was just making my start,
I wish I could say it was smooth sailing; HAH! ! ...none of my stories are,
It seems I’m forever dammed to be eternally where this scare.
I have one wish and one wish only.
That she doesn’t have a sudden urge, to render me homely,
And I wish she could look within my eyes, deep within my soul,
And know with ought words you’re the reason I’m alive.

Please don’t think bad of me I really do try, even though I already mentioned, I’m a real messed up guy, I bet you’re saying I fell in love fast! . Well…that’s not the whole story,
Please remember being Mr. Phantom has no real fun and glory, in short my friends……………………

Until next time I write…………

Tracker Ogryphon 22 February 2008

An in depth longing and striving to be loved. Your words carry a story that is no stranger to others. Just hang in there and show her that you do care in the way you want to be seen by her. Good write. Thanks

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Anna Cellmer 27 May 2006

I can say the same thank you for sharing such a nice piece i love such topic and writing from the heart, keep self and this great write

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Rain Storm 18 May 2006

I like your style Mr. Phantom Hope to see more soon

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