Phantom Anonymous Poems

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The strength to rise from the pain,
to continue at all cost,
The strength to prolong all the shame,
Knowing that you've lost,

A Heart’s Hidden Desire

Does she not see the tears in my eyes?
The pain in my face,

Translucent Love

With one love departing, another arrives, don’t think badly of me though, I do to survive
No man ought to live with to love no matter his Stature; to love in this life there’s no too mature.

She knows how much I love her, she knows how much I care,

A Cry To Exist

Hello again, I’m hear once more, not to fill your heads with rhymes but my feelings in store, feelings of a close friend, someone I adore. Please do me this favor, judge not too harshly, for the person I speak off is to my heart so dearly

She has no joy, yet she cries not

Another Love Story

Keep this in mind I right from my own prison, for open ears like yours that still chose to listen

I had it so good withought showing my heart,

Almost Called Love

He fell in love, almost accepting what he was dealt,
He almost faced his many fears,
Almost telling her how he felt,
Still, untold words, all bottled up inside, he almost shed those tears,

All Out

I’m all out of soothing words,

I can bare it no more…….

Unforgiving Heart

My mind is blank as my heart is hallow
She has gone and left me with but a friend,

Another Love Story – Ii

To all; this continues from where I left u last, but don’t think too much into this; and yes it’s my past. I hope you like this chapter, I really love this one, if you do not share my feelings write me and you will receive none.

Five weeks have passed and still I feel no better,
Maybe she didn’t hear me, so I thought I’d write a letter.

Another Love Story – Iii (The Final Chapter)

Hello again, I hope I find you well, this is the last part of this stupid story to tell,

This continues from where I left you last, I know it’s a little confusing; it all went by real fast.
To you all I’m sorry; because of her, this is the last of this story,