Another Sarah Poem by Katherine Anne Porter

Another Sarah

Rating: 3.1

for Christopher Smart

When winter was half over
God sent three angels to the
Who said to her
"Be glad, you little rack
Of empty sticks,
Because you have been chosen.

In May you will become
A wave of living sweetness
A nation of white petals
A dynasty of apples."

Anonymous submission.

Amberlee Carter 07 July 2006

hmm, this poem is meaningful and important.....

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Mia Midla 16 October 2006

Beautiful. Simple words put together to make such a profound thought.

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Rachel 25 April 2019

As a previous comment says, to no avail, this poem is by Anne Porter, not Katherine Anne Porter.

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Xing Hua 03 July 2014

A nation of white petals A dynasty of apples.

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Rachel Clover 03 April 2012

This is one of my favorite poems, but it is not by Katherine Anne Porter, the novelist. I don't think she published any poetry. It is by Anne Porter,1911-2011.

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Michael Shepherd 25 December 2008

Seek out her poems, guys.. she's in her 90s now, a late starter in poetry but a living treasure of American and worldwide poetry..

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Jim Foulk 15 March 2007

why only one poem, you should write more, this was a beautiful one.

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Katherine Anne Porter

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