Another Summer Afternoon Poem by Bishnupada Sethi

Another Summer Afternoon

Another brisk summer afternoon was it,
On foot, we were hurrying up.
Still a few miles away was the market,
Mid way, on a barren stretch of path
The sand dunes, lines of tall palm trees,
Fleets of nest ward birds had added
A dimension to the games nature played
Between the dry land mass
And azure blue sky.

Pleasant things were floating in the mind
What things I would do and buy!
Too restless I was-
Desires were propelling my tiny feet.

All of a sudden and from the east
Gust of cool breeze blew the sand all over.
Before we'd comprehend anything
In stunning moments of few seconds
There were bright flashes of light.
A gigajoule of energy impounded
Almost shattering the earth
With loud thunder and shock waves.
There were fumes billowing as
A tall tree was ablaze.
We were caught awestruck.
I lost my voice and strength
Being so close.

An hour or so later-
When I opened my eyes
To the soft call of my mother
I witnessed her anxious,
Yet a kind face wherein
There was no fear, no pain.

I wondered how-
She had carried me
Over such a long distance
On her not so strong arms
To the nearby habitation
Not at all losing any cool
Despite what all she went through!

Bishnupada Sethi

Bishnupada Sethi

Balasore, Orissa, India
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