Ahimsa Poem by Bishnupada Sethi


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I can hear the soft voice -
‘Hey Ram! '
It was just like Jesus uttering-
"Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing"
As I cross many junctions in life.

One would wonder
How could He bless
When the fragile body
Felt the most acute pain
And turned lifeless in minutes!

The ubiquitous is his name.
A splendid work the followers did
To keep the glorious memories
Of universal values and morals alive
Till our civilisations last.

Each word he spoke,
Each action he displayed
Gave rocklike strength where upon-
We build on our dreams.

Decades later we wonder
If it wasn't a miracle
He walked around here
Being in flesh and blood!
So tall and big was he
Within his embrace
Came the whole world.

A life, a message
Of ever expanding love.
Ahmisa is the realm
Of consciousness.
A true scientist he was
Always experimenting with
Infinite capacity to love.
There was boundless joy
In all his trials and storms.

Keeping himself quite light
He walked tall.
To all those following behind
He was a sage.
His soul and body were different.
Like a horse before the cart
He was pulling his body.
All his followers are worthy creations
Of God, people worship
In different forms.
He saw no caste, no creed
No colour, no sex.

He was a mystery
As he knew
Thousand years before-
There is enough for everyone
To meet the needs on earth.
There is hardly any necessity to seek
Protection from another human being
And only possible if
People adopted-
‘Ahimsa'- as a principle
Of unifying force
For the humanity to survive
In this cosmos
So unfathomable.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Birendra Jhankar, Balangir 03 October 2019

Nice one

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Bijoya Kumar Majhi 02 October 2019

Beautiful poem , very nice expression

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Hrudananda Mallick 02 October 2019

Wonderful Poem

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Tulasiram jagat 02 October 2019

Best hoichhi sir, namaskar

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Bishnupada Sethi

Bishnupada Sethi

Balasore, Orissa, India
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