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I was feeling hurt
Bullied, desolate and bereft-
Sobbingly, I looked out
For those firm hands,

There is more chill
In the air than usual.
The night appeared heavier.
Though thenearby landmass was duty bound

Of imperfections
Of unsatisfying deeds
Of short lasting glories
Of feeble desires

You sat across
And talked mundane matters
While not noticing-
I was becoming restless.

I can hear the soft voice -
‘Hey Ram! '
It was just like Jesus uttering-
"Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing"

When I look around I notice
Few decades have simply rolled by-
As if it was only yesterday
Everything happened in my life

How do you feel
When almost everyday
You hear someone you knew,
Lived together at some time

An intense and fiery relationship
Once anchored on firm grounds
Of mutual love and respect
Looked for a shared future

Eyes closed,
I extend my arms.
Unknowingly, I go back
in time and space.

I love you;
She loves him;
Everyone is in love
with some one or other.

My soul struggles
In the trappings of a coloured skin.
Often as I look at my face
In the mirror

Like the five elements
you are made of,
there is a bit of me in you.
You are not a whole yourself.

I wouldn't wonder
Though protested silently-
To see my mother pouring cold water
Over the just cooked steaming rice.

Little did I realise then
Decades ago when-
I would've to step out
Of my ancestral home

Nothing unusual I see-
Though unexpected things happen.
The events have similarities to the past.
There are rules.

A forceful stream of cool breeze-
Originated all of a sudden
Just to bring along
A bouquet of fragrance

The breeze wafts around
The fragrance of burning incense sticks.
Underneath a solemn tree branch
From where too-

I need a portrait-
You may wonder why?

Deep in the night hours

We are just across
In the same house-
The wall which existed much before,
But you have really measured

We all believe-
You created us.
You are the source of life force.
All the non-living and living beings,

Bishnupada Sethi Biography

Bishnupada Sethi, a recipient of distinguished alumnus award from the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela as well as National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai had joined the Indian Administrative Service in the year 1995. Currently, he is posted as the Principal Secretary, Revenue and Disaster Management Dept. and Department of Information and Public Relations under Odisha Goverment. By serving in various underdeveloped regions of the State like Kandhamal, Gajapati, Sonepur, Nuapada, Rayagada, he got deep insights into the lives of common people and handled their issues with great sensitivity for which National Human Rights Commission, which was then monitoring starvation deaths in KBK region appreciated his role. He got President's silver medal for conducting Census of 2011. As the Special Relief Commissioner, Sethi's performance on Managing Super Cyclone ‘FANI' had been highly acclaimed throughout the world including International Bodies like the UNITED NATIONS as the best practice. He has published a number of articles and several books. His English poetry books namely, (1) Where Shall I go! (2) My World of Words (3) Beyond Feelings (4) Beyond Here & Other Poems have been received well and translated to other languages. Shri Sethi received Bhima Bhoi Award for contribution to popularize Mahima philosophy in Odisha state. SARALA SAHITYA SANSAD felicitated him for contribution to mystic poetry.)

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I was feeling hurt
Bullied, desolate and bereft-
Sobbingly, I looked out
For those firm hands,
A masterly voice
And for drawing solace.

Travelling bare feet
Withstanding hot sand and Sun
Before I could give up
He would lift me on his shoulder,
The mightiest and strongest of the men-
I would've nothing to fear.

Many of the storms I weathered
Hardly left a scratch mark-
I saw the nature's fury
Ravishing everything
Ruining man's pride,
Yet I had sound sleep
No worry in the mind.

I don't remember any great pain I'd
Of hunger, thirst or fever.
The stout hands cared-
The love was unconditional
Enveloping my world.

Decades later, now
Upon hearing something unpleasant
Or at irregular times
I would hear the same voice feeble though-
"There's nothing to worry my son
For there's God
He has His hands upon you
Like I held your hands once
And He knows His job well.
Never to feel low
Or let down
Have your faith on Him
Trust me He exists
Nothing could be there
Without His wish."

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Uttam Kumar Pradhan 03 December 2018

Great personality Sir

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Kumarmani Mahakul 04 November 2018

Bishnupada Sethi, born in Balasore, Odisha, India is a 1995-batch IAS officer, who is highly qualified with a master's degree in Industrial Engineering is a multi-talented, brilliant, , honest and internationally acclaimed poet of this age. He writes straight from his inner core of mind basing upon his perception on life, nature, love, lifestyle, society and many more. His poems carry deep philosophical essence. I know him and I am astonished finding high skill in his poetic gems. (Part-1)

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Kumarmani Mahakul 04 November 2018

Sethi has written many poems and books. Among his books, 'Where Shall I go, Beyond Feelings and the Demographic Profiles of Odisha are definitely valuable. His literary perseverance is of high standard. In spite of his busy life he gives time for writing and his effort is definitely and highly appreciated. We are wishing him all the best for his future. May God bring happiness and fortune for him and his family! May fragrant flowers bloom in his way of walking. (Part-2)

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Abhaya mohanty, naxatranews 07 September 2018

Bishnu sir poem is very heart touching.

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Manmatha Panda 02 November 2013

wonderful style and diction of the is proud for every indian to get such a scholar.great.

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Bishnupada Sethi Popularity

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