Beyond That Time Poem by Bishnupada Sethi

Beyond That Time

Rating: 5.0

Of imperfections
Of unsatisfying deeds
Of short lasting glories
Of feeble desires
Of umpteen worries
Of limited time and space
Of senseless races-
Are our lives' stories.

They will judge you
Though not praising you for all good deeds,
Not many taking notes
Of all omissions.

A little away
There is seated a sage
Forsaking the best of the world he could have had.
His eyes are lotus shaped,
Cryptic are his smiles.
One would wonder
If winter would touch his bare body
Whether the scornful conducts
Of the alms giver ever would hurt him!

What does more he know?
Does he observe anything
Beyond that time
We don't count?

Sunday, November 25, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Bernard F. Asuncion 25 November 2018

Bishnupada, such a marvelous poem................

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Jatindra Dash 25 November 2018

Fantastic poem

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Bichitra Anand 03 December 2018

There is seated a sage. ... Whether we are conscious of him ? Really? A nice work from poet Bishnupad.I love it.10+

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Sarita 26 November 2018

Very nice poem Sir

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Dipti 25 November 2018

Outcome of deep thoughts

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Dr R C Behera 25 November 2018

Best one sir

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Mukul Bera 25 November 2018

Wonderful poems. Thanks for sending the total collection

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Bishnupada Sethi

Bishnupada Sethi

Balasore, Orissa, India
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