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Anothony Paul French

Rating: 3.0

march 27,2004
8th grade
i met anthony paul french
helping out wit a girl scout science project
yeah i thought he was cute
maybe he thought that too
he seemed like a nice guy
tall dark handsome
manners to match
seemed like he was taught right

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Anthony French 17 July 2018

The lyrics are touching The memories have faded but the eternal connection that we shared will always remain I am and was bound by a purpose I do not understand I am truly sorry that life events and confusion tore me away from a friendship It didn't fit society Time has had it's way and I have found this story many years later while searching for and about me I am here I am the life that I have lived and will live the lessons learned and the lessons yet to come I would be able to find it today

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Fred Babbin 07 December 2007

Don't worry about it. You got off easy, it could have been worse. Bsides, it's old news - it's over and gone, and someday you'll realize it.

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Gregory Collins 21 June 2007

ineresting timeline to or rather should i say measuring tape for absolution

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