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Anti-Semitism - Poem by Luke Easter

Question! To whom did God give a justification for hate?
Answer! The same one whom He gave justification for fate,
There will always be speculation, who set the captives free,
However, neither one of these was given to you or to me.

So no one has the right to render decisions on what is lost,
But Hitler, perhaps the most infamous, “The Holocaust? ”
Coined in Germany as a more, “scientific-sounding” term,
The late 19th century Anti-Semitism by Adolph met germ.

Judenhass or 'Jew-hatred' was a common wartime theme,
And the Furor was intent on having Jews’ destruction seen,
Before& especially in concentration camps of World War II,
The year is now 2010, is not that mistrust and hatred through?

1938, a woman sits on an Austrian bench marked, “only for Jews, ”
Same year, Colored folk in American receive the same bad news,
Do Militant Islamic groups use language suggestive of genocide?
Does the, “KKK” insist on white power from Arian Nation pride?

Hate is hate and it’s not birthed to any particular nation or creed,
Although, “Wall Street” does seem to have the market on greed,
CEO’s and VP’s make billions on failing stocks, more in perks,
The small guy is even smaller, no MOS, pitching tents in the dirt.

But Israel is a nation according to the Bible; God’s chosen few,
The Third Reich saw to that with at least 6 million fewer Jews,
Biggest obstacle in philosophy with the Bible & the Koran,
Is how their divine inspiration is misinterpreted by man.

An article written on the Internet newspaper @,
Hit with the force and precision of an Al Qaeda home made bomb,
Not with causalities as one would number in the amount of deaths,
Simply an avalanche of readers launching menacing verbal threats.

This in no way meant to judge or condemn, it is just a history lesson,
Scripture, Jews are usually under some kind of demeaning oppression,
Could it possibly be after that weighing their options & checking facts?
Leaders decided this time they would strike first instead striking back?

Surprise attack on Palestinian settlements, many innocent killed are kids,
World media outlets in headlines are pointing fingers. Hey! Yes you did,
It’s unprovoked, Jews are at fault, what could have triggered this attack?
What does counter intelligence say, is the news really on the right track?

Negative, I’m by no means trying to say it never happened or to pretend,
That the wronged in this case as in all injustice should not want to defend,
Before assigning blame a thorough full scale investigation should begin, ,
Maybe just maybe it wasn’t the Israelite Nation but a few renegade men.

Here, take a good look at this country how dare any American criticize?
Broke every single treaty no honor in their word. Wow, what a surprise,
Civilian and military alike had prior knowledge of Pearl Harbor’s attack,
Maybe it was the same in Israel only they chose not to relax and sit back.

This has been brewing heat for years now it’s always been touch and go,
A guilty verdict cannot be based on feelings but only on what you know,
From the slavery days under Pharaoh how long did it take to be a State?
Thousands of years BC and AD, independence declared on 14 May 1948.

Congress grills BP & Halliburton, an oil leak, both claim, not our fault,
Numerous wildlife is destroyed, lives devastated, is this not an assault?
High level corporate greed, we pay at the pump, it’s all about “money, ”
Yet, no big deal so why fuss when Israel protects their “milk & honey? ”

Radical Extremists want to set off an explosion to annihilate the world,
With no creatures left alive, not one animal, man, woman, boy or girl,
And for the few breathing, contaminated will be every food and drink,
It truly means more than just the population of settlers on the West Bank.

Finally, here’s a little piece of history that to some readers might be news,
Can you see that African Americans had help giving birth to the, “Blues? ”
Every race, creed and congregation wants their flock to have a slice of pie,
Ask any Islamic Imam, Baptist Minister, Catholic Priest or Jewish Rabbi.

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