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Anywhere But Here

Rating: 4.7

We stand together on the pier.
I wish I were anywhere but here.
I search for words to say,
But the wind would only steal them away.
And it seems as though we're falling apart, like a dried out heart.
I wish we were like we once were before,
When everyday we fell in Love more and more.
Where did all our Love go?
Our Love was once a warm Summer day,
But now everything is covered in Snow.

I sense the end is near.
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Melvina Germain 24 October 2006

I love this Derek, as I've said to many poets in the past, everything changes, nothing stays the same. Good poem.---Melvina--

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Linda Preston 29 March 2005

rhyming couplets always make a poem sound forced - abandon them and you have better lexical choices available. Nice sentiments though

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Rita El Khoury 04 March 2005

Desperately awesome. Love the poem. thumbs up. *wish you could make your poems a bit longer...*

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Anong All 04 March 2005

Hello Derek, .....Your poem feels sad and alone, yet very nicely wrote. With Respect, Jodilee

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