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Tear me apart.
Break my heart.
Push me down.
Destroy me.

We stand together on the pier.
I wish I were anywhere but here.
I search for words to say,
But the wind would only steal them away.

suicide will be the cause of my demise.
death is my decision,
because life is my affliction.
and i when they're hurt, i won't appologize...


Damn, I'm Bleeding all over the Place.
It's on the Floor, on your Hand's, on your Face.
The Blood is from the Knife that you cut and
ripped my back with. Though You're lies Cut me Deeper


I walked
Darkened Path.

Soon you'll see my picture in the Obituary section of the Paper.
If things don't get any better.

Death is a gift to the miserable man.

Death is near.
I can hear him creeping around,
every corner.
Death is near, soon I will be buried under the frozen Ground.

Your hair is everywhere.
My hair is barely there.
Your skin is very fair
My skin is kind of tan.

What am I? I am but a dreamer.
A fool. Can't you see?
All day caught in a reverie, all night caught in a dream.
Everything seems so surreal.

Everytime we kiss, it brings me perpetual Bliss.
I hope we're always together.
You and I forever.
For eternity.

I remember, visiting you in your apartment.
You would always call me Larry.
and there was your friend Gary who sat on the couch, he never stopped laughing...
You were so schizophrenic, always hearing things.

Constant Crucifixion,
So self-loathing,
I destroy myself, so imperfect & ungodly.
Unsuccessful in Life...


Sorrow is a Serpent,
It enwraps itself around me
Snapping bones & crushing organs
So asphyxiating...

Purple Penguins playing Puccini on placid pianos
Puccini non Portabella Plasticine porcupine in pine tree paradise.
Potatoes from Pierre to Penelope prized plaid platypus
Pristine Pure Priests or Pope


Jagged Nameless Gravestones, cold as black
stand crooked on Sand and Stone.
Etombed beneath, Corpes Rotting, Forgotten.
Numb lifeless trees sway sluggishly in autumn wind.

I can feel my life wither away.
I can feel the withered rose blow away in the wind
I can hear the hollow ghosts screams tearing apart my dreams
There is a love thats unrequited.

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Destroy Me

Tear me apart.
Break my heart.
Push me down.
Destroy me.
Curse me.
Kill me Completely.
Annihilate me.
Castigate me.
Lock me away.
Make me segregated completely.
Hang me.
Shoot me.
Nail me to this tree.
Torture me.
Thrash me.
Drown me in the sea...

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Lare Austin 31 December 2004

Hi Derek...I have just begun reading some of your poetry on this site. You are a very gifted writer. Please...keep up the great work...and do publish a book soon. The world is waiting... Lare Joseph Austin

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