Apocalypse's Overture: Ascending From Hell's Abyss To Heavenly Glory Poem by Christen Kuikoua

Apocalypse's Overture: Ascending From Hell's Abyss To Heavenly Glory

In the Apocalypse of Hell, a warning strong,
Of destruction and judgment, where dark throngs,
Where eyes that sin, must cut to save,
To seek the path, the righteous pave.

Hell's inferno starts on Earth's domain,
A consequence of tongues that stain,
But just like seeds that die, then grow,
In Heaven's realm, our souls will know.

Live right on Earth, embrace the light,
For those who stray, their seed takes flight,
To Hell's domain, their home will be,
A place of torment, eternally.

Sodom's sin brought God's just wrath,
But Earth survives for the faithful's path,
Repent, repent, the Kingdom's near,
Rapture awaits, judgment's fear.

Daughters and sons of perdition, beware,
For doom and pain, their fate they share,
In abyss and fire, they'll reside,
A consequence of their sinful pride.

Yet daughters and sons of Zion's grace,
Shall live in Heaven's holy place,
In the new city of Jerusalem,
Forever in God's love, they'll swim.

Jesus spoke of Hell, a warning true,
For those who choose to sin and rue,
But God designed Hell not for His own,
But for the devil and angels overthrown.

Fear not God's judgment, find a way,
In His grace, forgiveness lay,
Man wasn't meant to perish, 'tis true,
But live with God, forever anew.

The Book of Revelation, visions unfold,
The heavenly throne, a sight untold,
Seven seals and trumpets sound,
The wrath of God, the Earth's ground.

Angels, beasts, and battles fought,
The Lamb of God, salvation sought,
The 144,000 sealed, secure,
The multitude redeemed, ever pure.

A little scroll, a mighty plan,
Prophetic visions for every man,
The witnesses' testimony, bold,
Their resurrection, foretold.

Heaven's triumph, the kingdoms transformed,
Christ's reign in glory, His light adorned,
The woman, the dragon, the beast's domain,
The victory of God, in His reign.

Seven plagues, the bowls they pour,
God's wrath on Earth, a tempest's roar,
The judgment of the great, the fall of sin,
The marriage feast, the saints brought in.

Satan bound, the millennial reign,
The final judgment, no more pain,
The lake of fire, the wicked's plight,
New Heaven and Earth, eternal light.

The river of life, the tree of grace,
Eternal blessings in God's embrace,
In the Apocalypse of Hell, we see,
The path to salvation, so clear and free.

Let this poem be a testament of warning,
To seek God's grace, in faith be adorning,
For in the end, Hell's destruction shall cease,
In God's love and mercy, we find our peace.

In the 'Apocalypse of Hell, ' a warning resonates throughout the narrative. Sin's allure can lead individuals astray from God's path, and the call is made to sever any sources of temptation. The significance of one's actions on Earth becomes apparent, as it determines whether they will find heavenly embrace or dwell in the depths of Hell. Amidst the chaos and impending judgment, God shows mercy by sparing Earth, attributing it to the presence of the church. Repentance is the key to salvation, for the Kingdom of God draws near, and after the church's rapture, a time of immense suffering and judgment will be unleashed upon the world. The destiny of two opposing groups becomes evident: the daughters and sons of perdition will face doom in the abyss and the lake of fire, while the daughters and sons of Zion will find eternal bliss in the new city of Jerusalem. Jesus' own words emphasize the reality of Hell, urging all to seek redemption and escape its torment. It is revealed that Hell was never intended for God's children but reserved for the devil and the angels who rebelled. There is hope for mankind, as God's ultimate desire is for His children to live eternally with Him. The Book of Revelation unfolds a series of apocalyptic visions, displaying God's holiness, sovereignty, and justice. Seven seals are broken, each initiating catastrophic judgments on Earth, portraying the consequences of sin and the need for repentance. The 144,000 are sealed and protected, representing God's chosen faithful. A multitude emerges from the great tribulation, finding salvation. Angels and beasts rise, depicting oppressive powers and conflict. Amidst this chaos, there are witnesses testifying to God's truth, and the seventh trumpet heralds the establishment of God's kingdom. A woman symbolizing God's people faces persecution, but ultimately God's victory prevails. The Book of Revelation unveils a sequence of events leading to God's final judgment. The seven plagues pour out God's wrath upon the Earth, culminating in the fall of Babylon, representing the defeat of evil. Satan is bound, and the righteous experience the millennial reign of Christ. All will face judgment, and the new Heaven and Earth shall emerge, where God will dwell with His faithful forever. In this grand tapestry of divine revelation and prophecy, the central message remains: heed the warning, repent, and choose the path that leads to heavenly grace and eternal life with God.
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