April Music Poem by s./j. goldner

April Music

Rating: 4.3

I'd like to spend
April, sitting on a hill,
With a mushroom for
a parasol and violets
for a frill. And the
wind for a violin, To
play spring tunes,
And the blossoms in
the treetops, For gay
balloons. I'd like to spend
April sitting on a
mound, Watching for
the flowers to pop out
of the ground. With
their green silk stockings,
And new spring clothes,
Trying to look taller
by dancing on their toes!


Prasanna Kumari 31 May 2008

April Music filled my eyes and ears.....really beautiful...

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Tanny Quin 25 September 2008

'Flowers with green silk stockings'This is my favorite poem! ! ! Wish I were there now! ! Now has flowing words with wonderful imagiry! ! ! 10! !

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Golden cords playing music, among blossoms and call us to dance. Splendid imagery of April (heart of the Spring) . Golden cords shining under the sun of poetry! I give 10+ to amazing Susan of 9 years old! ! Thanks dearest Susan. Joseph Josephides

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Kay Bressner 29 October 2008

I really like this poem. Wonderfully written; and nature is my favorite topic.

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Excellent imagery. I just loved the mushrooms for a parasol. The poem was music and I love it. Karin Anderson

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Matthew Holloway 19 November 2018

A really colourful write, enjoyed

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james watkin 05 October 2018

Daintily beautiful - and comical - sentiments. Liked a lot.

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Jeanette Telusma 09 April 2017

Lovely poem, this is the season...

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Yoni Assis 28 June 2010

I've been looking for a good 'springtime' poem. It puts a smile on your face, imagining the serene situation. Garden of Eden-esque.

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Max Kuvaev 18 January 2009

What a nice poem. It's so touching! You obviously set your standards pretty high from the very start Susan Jane! ! !

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