Joe Rosochacki

Area 51 - Poem by Joe Rosochacki

Area 51 did not exist almost 51 years ago
During this half century it was denied by our government.
WHO said LEE HARVEY OSWALD was the only gunman?
WHO said that Saddam Hussein had WMDs?
Our government- - - - - - - - -no way!
(Rattle and) Humm—who knew?
Not U-2, (not the plane) ,
Area 51 was in documentaries, movies and books,
But not until recently, did the CIA come clean,
If you know what I mean,
LORD, doncha' know what I mean
(Not the tune by Lee Michael's tune)
I mean with the U-2, (not the band) , the plane.
Everyone ad worked there, they kept secrets as duly sworn
That's where the blackbird was hatched
That's where stealth was born
Area 51 is known by many a president,
- both past present,
For ‘skunk works' and ‘black ops'
For you think that Area 51 was not real,
I'd think you're not informed, stupid or insane,
Who never heard of Area 51?
No one!


Topic(s) of this poem: SCIENCE

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