Ars Poetica Redux

Rating: 4.5

Dying trees easily fall..
Poems, too, as they should.
Dead wood rots from which
One good poem may grow,
The better to hear in the higher
Branches, the creaking lower limbs.

Sequestering lovers late afternoon
Whisper. One is carving the bark,
A crude heart with names within.

Now unread, unspoken but for the overgrown
Path, a bark-less scar now where was the heart,
Without thought, without desire, write only this,

'How arms entwine, how branches break'.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: love lost
Justin Unanue 27 December 2009

I am confused. You used visuals(the tree) but also bluntly stated the comparison (poetry) . Is this the right way?

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JR Cuyam 30 July 2021

so good poem from you, dear sir

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Joan Woodbridge 14 September 2015

One of you best, Warren. Heartbreaking. Muchas gracias. Joan Woodbridge

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poem will grow and will have branches Beautiful poem will grow with fruits This poem won't break

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Russell Kennerly 28 July 2010

you had some really nice lines.

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Packed with profoundity. Well done my friend.

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