Howard The Motivational Poet Simon

Howard The Motivational Poet Simon

Howard The Motivational Poet Simon
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~ I Choose The Mountain~
The low lands call
I am tempted to answer
They are offering me a free dwelling
Without having to conquer
~the Power Of A Tear~
Pounds of pain punctured my progress
Tons of trouble terminated my tranquility
Swarms of stress subtracted my substance
My heart exploded like a thousand thunders
~something Big
An ocean swims in every tear drop
A river rejoices in every drop of rain
A thunder talks in every heart beat
The wind laughs in every breath
Progressive Rolling
I saw some rocks
Skipping down hill
They jumped so joyfully
It gave me a thrill


Gibran Ibrahim Mansaray S 28 December 2020
He is a great poet.
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Bharati Nayak 13 June 2020
Howard Simon is a poet of high caliber a great human being.His poems are most inspiring and a valuable treasure for world literature.Anyone who has read Howard Simon will certainly agree with me.
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Rose Marie Juan-austin 09 February 2020
His comments on poems of other Poets are highly motivational and inspiring. Poem Hunter is truly blessed by his presence.
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Rose Marie Juan-austin 09 February 2020
HOWARD SIMON is a great and brilliant Poet. His beautiful poems speak of his greatness.
8 0 Reply 08 February 2020
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asada 07 February 2020
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Rajendran Muthiah 26 January 2020
Excellent decision of the poet! Robert Frost chose the already trodden path in plains. But here the poet has to choose between ascending and descending on the hills. The poet' s nature is always to ascend, go ahead and not to descend or look back. He wants to test his strength by choosing the tough task. Excellent!
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Akhtar Jawad 14 January 2020
Very few poems he writes but whenever he writes it's heavier than my 100 poems
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TRASH 14 January 2020
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Soran M. H 21 December 2019
well done, very nice poems. all the best dear poet, , , thanks
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celine 04 March 2019
howard simon isnt a wel known poet which makes it even harder for me to find his biography and who he is and what his life was like. i have an exam about him and i cannot find anything. even if his poems are extremly great.
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Julia Luber 15 February 2019
Howard Simons Power of a Tear is astutely expressive and telling of the universal inquiry into what tears are all about. Brilliant!
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Henry Hobbes 29 November 2018
Truly beautiful poetry, I was shocked to discover next to nothing about Howard Simon online after reading some of these truly wonderful words
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Valsa George 06 August 2018
The most striking feature of Simon's poetry is that it is highly inspirational...! His pen name 'inspirational poet' is not an appendage or decoration to his name, but in spirit he is motivational. With a few delightful and inspirational poems, he has left an indelible mark on poem hunter and he is loved and acclaimed by quite a large number of fellow poets. May he continue to be a poet of renown!
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Dr Dillip K Swain 21 May 2018
‘I Choose The Mountain~ ‘, ‘~the Power Of A Tear~’, and ‘~something Big’ (to name a few) are some of his invaluable pieces of poetry that are works of class and timeless! He is a great poet in modern English Poetry’. His significant contribution to the field of literature and to this wonderful world of Poem Hunter is noteworthy! I wish him all success in his life!
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Dr Dillip K Swain 21 May 2018
Howard Simon is not only a great poet but also a great man, very receptive and kind hearted to fellow poets! He believes in quality of works and praises poems of fellow poets without any tinge of jealousy! I have read some of his poems and reviewed just a few of them! How tough it is to review a great man’s works! I enjoy the challenging task of reviewing his great pieces of poetry!
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