Uncertainty Poems: 362 / 500

As A Matter Of Fact

Rating: 4.3

What makes you to feel perfect?
What prevents you to act?
What is matter of fact?
How you over come it with simple tact?

Over the years you have mastered the art
This can’t be easily purchased from the mart
It is inherent quality that makes you smart
You always believe in good start

Things may move on very smoothly
You are always planning it accordingly
You have perfection in every more
Even for slight doubt you take care and remove

You never hesitate and get panicky
You come in action and address it quickly
Everything you decide it with cool mind
Solution is in sight and you may always find

What instills you confidence to act with accuracy?
Is it your mild nature coupled with good diplomacy?
Is it mystery alone shrouded with secrecy?
It is your gentleness and resolves to tackle it with delicacy

You always feel proud
It is not necessary to speak loud
Your sincere words and action may speak
Your approach maybe considered bold and not weak

What makes you to feel better?
Is that you are considered as trend setter?
You have the capacity to make wheel turn around
The path can be cleared and way to be easily found

You create public awareness in mind
The look towards you with honor and doesn’t find
Any dubious way of dealing and you are always kind
Such nice things can be observed by even a blind

Your popularity is on rise and you are in demand
You may take deep breath without chest to expand
this gives you some sense of satisfaction
It welcomes step and sign of good indication

I have always remained as public figure
I didn’t care for self or any future
I have always distanced from evil
I have tried to excel and earned good will

I have treated poor and rich alike
It might have created some discomfort or dislike
I did not bother about such feeling
I was ever ready to cooperate and willing

You must move cautiously and remain attached
Journey may prove hard but never get detached
Never utter word of uncertainty and create confusion
Try to avoid controversy and work for diffusion

Such type of a wonderful soul can always feel proud
the steps taken by him may always sound
Fame and name both will come round and gather
It is unique joy to remain and stay together

Chand Shikari 29 July 2010

What makes you to feel perfect? What prevents you to act? What is matter of fact? How you over come it with simple tact? . it can be only full confidence....10

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