Blood All Over Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Blood All Over

Rating: 4.8

Blood spilled all over on ground
Bodies scattered and in mutilation found
Fresh wave of violence gaining round
Hatred, distrust reign with system sound

Who are people doing all criminal acts?
Why not all come to sense and react?
Is it the only way out to combat terrorism?
Are we not to be blamed for all kinds of “ism”?

Every time senseless killings take place
Still no system or alternatives to replace
Mutual distrust and hatred prevails
Love and kindness always fails

We need to have passion and brotherhood
Calm should prevail in vicinity and neighborhood
Why do we add fuel to wood?
When there shortage or no food?

Somebody may loose son, husband or father
We can’t allow it to go any further
What is happening somewhere should not make us bother?
Let us build new relation where love should only matter

Why humanity should suffer on this count?
When all sorts of tension and worries mount?
Let us place ourselves to the mercy of Almighty
Who will guide us to destiny and not feel pity

We are here not to create havoc and destroy
Never resort to unruly scene and others annoy
It is humanity that goes on in orderly convoy
Let us build and search ways to employ

John Hulsey 15 October 2009

Wow, very powerful! Amazing job!

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Terence Nabbs 17 October 2009

hello hasmukh i read your poem i think all sane minded people what ever our thier beliefs nothing will change a beautiful heartfelt plea terry

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Tanesha Davenport 18 October 2009

very nice hasmukh! ! ! i love it 10

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Eyan Desir 19 October 2009

true its a good write

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bye bye... bye bye 21 October 2009

Hasmukh, I have read your poem and all the comments. I am still very moved, cannot find what to say... I borrow the words from another reader: '... you've made a poem with blood and all your soul... the world needs more poets like you...' I wish more poets on PH would write like this! Thanks!

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Ketan Hukare 23 September 2014

I wonder how fool I was to read your poem so late. Sir, I really loved the piece I am rating it 10.

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Amitava Sur 21 August 2014

Today mostly, we all are away from humanity and humility. Animalistic approach is prevailing upon. A very good eye opener.

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A socially relevant poem against the militancy and killing and it is good.

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Demon lover 15 January 2010

I love it. its beautiful

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Charlotte Andreski 27 December 2009

adding fuel to wood, yet we have but much to spare.. lovely honesty. do continue.

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