As Always With The Far Right, Free Speech Is Ok As Long As They Agree With It! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

As Always With The Far Right, Free Speech Is Ok As Long As They Agree With It!

By Stanley Collymore

Gary Lineker literally breaking
the BBC's sacred impartiality
rules? Really? Significantly
though, when narcissist Alan Sugar
outrageously broke the same rules
and significantly, criticized Jeremy
Corbyn nothing was actually ever
said then either by the BBC itself
or the Daily Mail. And, moreover
too, Gary Lineker, clearly wasn't
basically criticising government
policy but, really, in his capacity
and lawful right as a UK citizen
clearly justifiably, criticizing the
clearly lawless rhetoric, of Tory
MPs whom he didn't denounce
by name, but everybody knew!

But here we have the Nazi Daily
Mail applauding what it dubs
the BBC's 'steely resolve'
relative to its biased steps, against
Gary Lineker. Rather naturally, of
course, the Mail on sunday! After
all, the quite 'eminent', Chairman
of the BBC is a Tory that actually
got Boris Johnson a £800K loan;
while individually, also donating,
clear £4000K of his own money
to the Tory Party. Likewise also
the quite in situ, BBC's Director
General is deputy chairman of
what's simply, unquestionably
so, Hammersmith and equally
too, Fulham's quite irrefutably
simply redneck, Conservative
Party, who crucially, stood for
them in the council elections.

So there's not a snowflake in
Hell's chance that the Daily
Mail is responsibly going
to do anything but rather praise
these two men quite the same
way that it simply instinctively
basically naturally and clearly
also thoroughly irresponsibly
too, evidently immorally and
even very debatably as well
criminally - unconscionably,
stood with Boris Johnson to
the very end; very blatantly
so, even when actually his
own Tory Party, wanted to
literally, be well rid of him!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
12 March 2023.

Author's Remarks:
Intelligent people of whom there's a fast diminishing number in Britain are beginning to join the dots between the BBC corporation, the Conservative Party, their rightwing and far right financial backers and likewise also the odiously racist, toxically verminous, obsessively hate stimulating and clearly virulently egregious and malevolent mouthpiece media outlets like the Daily Mail.

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