Absolutely Guilty Of Any Felony And Distinctly So Simply By Being Black! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Absolutely Guilty Of Any Felony And Distinctly So Simply By Being Black!

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By Stanley Collymore

No doubt there are those who
both uncaringly of the true
circumstances as well as
most disingenuously will similarly
state that justice has prevailed in
the end! Really? When truly from
the discernible start the accused
crucially and distinctly so openly,
rather vigorously, repeatedly his
declared innocence, regarding a
committed murder that likewise
his female partner quite openly,
conscientiously, and essentially
rather convincingly fully related
that at the given time when this
murder was evidently reported
to have occurred, both she and
her partner were quite crucially
indisputably together; and thus
very literally therefore, no such
felony, did actually occur at the
hands, of her innocent partner.

But obviously, when there's an
entrenched racist, purported
justice system thoroughly in
place, and exclusively also evidently
literally white prosecutors not only
have carte blanche to readily bully
effectively non-existent witnesses
to an occurred felony, into giving
supposedly credible evidence on
their criminal behalf but likewise
also permanently withhold both
from the defendant's effectively
legally appointed attorneys and
similarly too, specifically as well
the actual, allotted court where
a murder case, was being tried!

Authentic proof of the generally
and self-evidently, customarily
discarded or rather callously
stitched up Black victim's coherently
introduced and quite corroboratory
evidence clearly of their innocence.
For what other literal outcome can
basically be expected, in a country
where the evilly recurrent spectre
of actually white Caucasians' own
entrenched delusions, relative to
their unquestionable superiority,
and irrefutably also master race
suppositions are then regarded
as being truly beyond reproach,
amidst literally prejudicial traits
that are accordingly, reinforced
cavalierly in white courts of law.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
16 February 2023.

Author's Remarks:
Lamar Johnson is a 50 years old Black Missouri man that very unjustly spent 28 years of his life in jail for a murder, which he didn't commit and distinctly unfailingly always maintained his own innocence. A conviction, in which the detectives on the case bullied a quite vulnerable youngster who was clearly himself no party to the crime that it was Lamar Johnson who committed the murder. A statement, which this bullied youngster later retracted but to no avail. A current inmate and his now dead accomplice admitted to the murder but it made no difference as the local Attorney general who clearly had evidence of Lamar Johnson's just as he did at the bogus trial refused to release concrete evidence both to the attorney for Lamar Johnson as well as the court itself that the defendant in this murder case Lamar Johnson was indeed innocent.

Now 28 years later an appeal court in Missouri in absolutely full position of all the facts that were simply likewise available at the initial trial has clearly categorically ruled that the then quite wrongly accused Lamar Johnson was absolutely, totally innocent all along; with the 2023 appeal court judge in the Lamar Johnson case stating quite categorically and I quite categorically quote: 'There was reliable, clear and convincing evidence of (the convicted Lamar Johnson's actual innocence.'

An evidently quite distinctly criminally corrupt, very racist Missouri attorney general and his equally sick and also intellectually challenged accomplices have quite literally gotten away with murder, till now; and in my opinion should pay the ultimate price!

In the meantime and likewise clearly knowing full well that this distinctive case of Lamar Johnson is not unique and in states with the death penalty numerous Blacks cavalierly stitched up for crimes: capital ones and well as others have either been executed or have died in jail without parole, I sincerely wish Lamar Johnson all the very best for the future while my own thoughts go out to the victims and the families of all those affected by these vile acts of barbaric racism.

Already included in the Author's Remarks at the end of this poem.

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I have read a short story by Leo Tolstoy, named "God Sees the Truth, but Waits". But I do believe that "Justice delayed is Justice Denied". And what solace is there for all those Lamar Johnsons, who spent years in goals..

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