Marcus Hazelgrove

As Color From Our Eyes Slip Away - Poem by Marcus Hazelgrove

Back in the day all that bothered us was when our cartoons got cancelled,
Back in the day all the mattered was that your friends and you had a good time,
We didn't care if someone hated us or if someone loved us,
All we cared about was having fun with those awesome friends of ours.

Back in the day if i slipped off the biggest hill around you'd jump to catch me,
Back in the day i would jump infront of your out of control bike and scrape my knee,
We'd sneak into our alien neighbors back yard,
We'd grassboard and lugi down all the hills in the town til we got introuble.

Back in the day we'd throw stuff at cars and eat stuff we shouldn't,
Back in the day we'd all laugh at that bogger pcikin nose kid but he was still our friend,
Everything that we did was ok cause we all were friends and watched out for each other,
Back then i had your back and you had mine.

Now all that matters is finding that one person we think is right,
Now all that matters is being that popular kid who everyone likes but secretly hates,
When did we all lose the light in our eyes that made us sparkle,
When did we lose all hope of staying together even though that one kid was so nerdy but we didn't care.

Now all you do is run of to be with that one person,
Now all you do is complain about that other person,
When did those friends that were so meaningful only become a scape goat,
When did those friends who ment the world to you no longer have an opinion,

Now all we care about is growing up and going off our seperate ways,
Now all we care about is making sure that were good no matter how sad that one important friend is,
When did you suddenly realize that the last thing you needed is that friendship that would last forever,
When did giving up on all of this become the mainstream idea of growing up.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, December 6, 2009

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