As I Wait Poem by Sam Smith

As I Wait

While I ponder and wait,
I wonder and sit up strait.
Looking at my screen,
Trying to go dream.

To dream of a world where you and me,
Sit forever under a tree.
And as we sit on this grassy plain,
We look at our lives, so nice and plain.

We laugh about our life's ride.
Then, I look at you at my side.
In it you're not the women you wanted to be, in it your the women you are meant to be.
Kind, just, fair, proud, loving and beautiful.
I see everything I believe you to be.

Then, I hear my name me being called.
Then, I see my dream being stalled.
Then, I feel my sanity returning to me,
Then, I cry for the world that was striped from me.

But, my sadness is only for a second.
For this truth is cruel, yet kind.

Even dough I cry for my shaded tree,

I know that If my fantasy was cruel,
The reality would be Unspeakable
That's when I knew that our future is unbreakable.
That's when I knew our fate is unchangeable
That's when I knew our love is unstoppable

Monday, June 13, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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