Black Poem by Sam Smith


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My name is Black; I am the one you once called a friend.
And even if you try to bind me, I will never bend.
For I am the pride you now have confined,
In the darkest corner of your mind.

I am Black, the person that once lived the life you live now,
The one that made you who you are now.
The one that gave you his most fearful vow,
But still, there was something you could not allow.

I am nothing, but I was something; something you now deny.
I was that light; that shined in the corner of your eye,
I was the guardian of your dreams; the lock that hid you from your reasons to cry;
I am the something your letting die.

White is its name; the reason you have forsaken me,
It is the reason you abandoned me in the shadows, for it in the sun.
But there is something you do not foresee,
It is that, once you have tasted her dark lips, she has won.

Darkness is what you hide; it is what you try so hard to conceal,
With this emotions that you feel;
These things you wish you could unseal,
But the promise we made is still something you should not reveal.

So admit to your self, who I am.
And see that I am no ones lamb.
I am the one that I have chosen to be,
Not the one you are trying to see.

If White is what you choose; it’s not me but you who you refuse.
Because Black is who we are, and Black is anything but far.
So now I just wait, for you to take the bait,
For you to come unlock my door; so that I can see you once more.

Theres 2 parts to every story.
Sandra Regan 28 October 2013

Love this poem. Great messages.

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