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Yesterday I was told by a friend to answer a question,
This question didn’t make me think of me but we.
It took me by surprise and I stood in hesitation.
She told me to tell her if she was someone special to me?


A woman told me that it was impossible to love her,
That she will show me nothing but regret.
That I should forsake my side by her,
And live the rest of my life with forget.

As I stand before you, my head is filed with a thousand questions,
All of them inferring me the same suggestions;
To forsake my fears and to embrace our future years,
So for what comes next I need no tears but open hears.

Today you have not only turned one year older,
But you have also turned one year wiser;
You have learned that there are things you can and cannot shoulder,
And because of this you have become my most loved adviser.

As I lay in bed, I close my eyes and imagine,
That you lay beside me with your head on my chest;


Me quede pensando con lo que dijiste; sobre yo no actuando tan romántico,
Pero debes de recordar que como soy cálido, también soy muy ártico.


Hello my unseen joy,
tell me What have you learned from life?
Is it a thing we can use as a toy,
or is it a place were people hide behind a hidden knife?

A brave warrior puts on his mask,
not of silver or gold, but wax.
He draws his crimson blade,
for he is accustomed to the blame.

I dreamt I lost something I never had,
And my worry made me go mad.
I can't imagine any worst punishment,
Only that of Gods greatest judgment.

As I sit beside you, I see a million things.
From my wildest pleasures, to my devils wings.
You would be amazed to see,
All the dreams that come to me.


Si te dijiera que esto no es un poema, me lo creerias?
Si te susurro versos al oido, serrian cursilerias?
No, eso es algo que nunca me dirias.
Alcontrario, creo que es algo que me agradecerias.

While I ponder and wait,
I wonder and sit up strait.
Looking at my screen,
Trying to go dream.

Sitting I glare,
Thinking I may dare,
To look at you and stare.

It's 2: 26 a.m. and my baby won't permit me sleep,
Even though I've counted twelve hundred and thirty-three sheep,
Told her all the tails my hearth won't keep,
Bribed her with a top of the line jeep,


You watched my just Eve,
As her last breath screamed at me.
I lived by your Cree,
Yet you've still forsaken me.


My name is Black; I am the one you once called a friend.
And even if you try to bind me, I will never bend.
For I am the pride you now have confined,
In the darkest corner of your mind.


I once knew man, that knew nothing of love,
Not of the joy of site nor the agony of thought.
A stranger to its twisted form of art,
As a blind man throwing a dart.

There is a desire I cannot fulfill,
It is mime and mine alone,
It is sickening my will,
For it a sore and mone.

Un día caminando por un cuarto de susurros interminables,
Cuestionaba mi papel en este mundo inventado.
Si realmente uno es libre, o es domado,
Si hay amigos a los que puedes llamar confiables.

Mi amigo me conto sobre un ángel rojo,
Le enseño puro placer y gozo.
Le obsequio una bolsa llena de dulces,
Solo chocolates rojos y azules.

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Yesterday I was told by a friend to answer a question,
This question didn’t make me think of me but we.
It took me by surprise and I stood in hesitation.
She told me to tell her if she was someone special to me?

I admit I am a man of a few words,
And when I have to speak of my feelings;
My mind turns my mouth in to closed doors,
Gates that hide the most concealed things.

So to answer your question I will do what I fear,
I will give you what you want.
To steal your souls tear,
And give you the elixir of your want.

So ill find the gate keeper and tell him to show you my key,
I´ll give you the chance to peek at what I can´t see.
To hear the voice that has no sound,
To listen to what only deaf hears can understand.

Know hear what you’re about to read,
I need you to know that there is something I need.
The only thing I truly want indeed,
It is to find someone to be loved by me.

The person how can teach me how to trust,
To show me the error of my ways;
To make me do what I must,
The person that will guide me throw the rest of my days.

The one that will give me the strength I lack,
The one that will save my soul from the black;
The one that will destroy what I most fear,
The one that will make my emotions appear.

Yes this is what I have decided,
Know it is all up to fate.
To see if my love is not misguided,
For it I sure cannot wait.

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