As The Time Gallops Away Poem by Bishnupada Sethi

As The Time Gallops Away

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When I look around I notice
Few decades have simply rolled by-
As if it was only yesterday
Everything happened in my life
For the first time
And its memory remains fresh.

Standing in the front of a
Thousand year old temple,
A splendid spectacle of human glory,
A witness to the changing times,
I piece a thread through our humanity
And a certain pride fills in me-
How lucky a descendant of a great race
That have I been!

I can hardly comprehend
How vast is the nature of Time!
Yet we exist in such a portion so infinitesimal.
So insignificant is my space-
I can comprehend only
A bit of our universe.

Look my dear friend
Don't you know
We didn't know each other
Till we came across in our lives and
Beyond a certain time we know
Each of us will cease to exist.

My heart becomes very heavy
To realise a truth so eternal.
We are sure of never meeting again
In this body and consciousness
Never know of anything beyond
Our last moments here on the earth
While the clock would still be ticking away.

Should you not forgive me
For lapses how big those might have been
And shed all misunderstandings
As you see how Time is galloping away
So fast yet so unnoticed.
At certain points all of us won't count
That makes such feelings so insignificant.

There is nothing I can hold on to
As my own pride and ego-
Though positive human actions make
Stronger our history
And more beautiful would be the time
Our future generations should face.
Yet we may not have another chance always
To score our points over each other.

Let's realise the limitations of our spaces
And catch up with the speed of Time,
Drop what we can't not carry,
Letting all thoughts of repentance go,
Making easy our hard feelings,
Merging in the beautiful universe
By a simple hug and forgiveness.

There's nothing more important
Than the time of togetherness
We have at our disposal.

Monday, April 1, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Hrudananda Mallick 06 April 2019

Brilliant. Extraordinary poem from ordinary situations and surroundings

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Hrudananda Mallick 02 April 2019

Heart touching poem

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Arun Upadhyay 01 April 2019

A wonderful composition with heart touching lines. God bless you sir. ?? ??

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Bishnupada Sethi

Bishnupada Sethi

Balasore, Orissa, India
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