Ask A Florist The Way To Peace

Ask a street florist the way to peace
He will sit you down
Sip Coffee
And expound
On a life that saw happiness
when marriages were more regular
than the monsoon
When lovers ventured onto streets
When smart clicks on stone turned heads
A passerby wouldn’t care if a truck stood all day
The way to peace, he would say
Is through a city of calm
Not when it’s a trigger-pull away
O for Roses, roses all the way
If only peace would hold sway
A few may well come our way.

July 2010 Revision 1

Bose Perumal 22 July 2010

dear Baru Gobira it is the silent touch of life which is more agonising and spiritualising. your poem 'The way to peace' is an agonising appeal to live and lead a simple life. The allegory of the florist is a shot in the arm to those who are fanatic about their virtues. Life needs to be simple and thus be lovely. But man has gone too far and has lost his way and is in deep turmoil. It is a hearty appeal. 22/07/10 YOurs affectionate P.Bose Please to through my poems at leisure and send a feed back. i have written in my name and the title 'is M' . i have attached 15 poems. i wich to have your comments.

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Saadat Tahir 20 July 2010

a fantastic poem and great ideas.... sucincty and beautifully put accross liked it cheers

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