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Keeper Of The Rain

It is not for me little girl
The wind brings the rain;
It is not for me little bird
The sun warms the grain;


You should never have covered it with a shroud
Hoping to find a cage of darkness
With an invisible lantern
Singing the song of light.

Every Face Hides A Secret

Every face hides a secret
The eyelashes bat once in acknowledgement
Shared and yet hidden
Longing to be released

A Mother Remembers

SomeWhere inside me, lost
In misty folds of time,
Soft falls the sound
Of a child’s anklet, tinkling, gently

A Beggar I Never Met

A face with a nose rubbing the car window
A gesture accompanied by a futile plea
Pressed against glass and beseeched by one
Who may be accused of withdrawal symptoms

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