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It is not for me little girl
The wind brings the rain;
It is not for me little bird
The sun warms the grain;


You should never have covered it with a shroud
Hoping to find a cage of darkness
With an invisible lantern
Singing the song of light.

Every face hides a secret
The eyelashes bat once in acknowledgement
Shared and yet hidden
Longing to be released

SomeWhere inside me, lost
In misty folds of time,
Soft falls the sound
Of a child’s anklet, tinkling, gently

A face with a nose rubbing the car window
A gesture accompanied by a futile plea
Pressed against glass and beseeched by one
Who may be accused of withdrawal symptoms

I was struck
With a reality bolt
If I were destined to write just one line
What would I choose?

When you’ve lost that which was there
Much that you said had not been fair
The Sheppard had left his staff for repair
The bells had gone silent

Ask a street florist the way to peace
He will sit you down
Sip Coffee
And expound

Confined for reasons
Other than credit card dues
Forced to flip-flop o’er floor & spice
Confined to messages and ringing notes

As a small boy he would sing
For he could run and play
Only if his sister slept;
He would sing

Whose life was it that lies beneath a stone
Now unkept, moss, green with indifference
shadows haunted by unhappy sky
And breeze sweeping indifferent flies

Go gently into the sunset
when you’re done riding the waves
Go gently away, once from the world of gaze
Cross into the tomorrows, without any disgrace

When the mind is shattered by darkness
And light has flattered to deceive
I see earth spinning slowly
On a broken axle with ruddy hues

At the edge of the seashore
hemline reaching well above the knee
Breath held, I behold the distant sea
stretching far beyond my mind;

One bowl of rice
I offer for the kites
One bowl for begging
Other for rich spice

Each hurt peeling
A never ending stream
Of waste
Still unreeling

Are we truly alone
Is a question I have pondered
Even sleep drives thoughts
Chewing the living embers

A spot the darkness called inside
Soon grew to make some smoke outside
Both mill and mall side by side
Soon banished darkness from the countryside

I scoop the stars
Into my palm
In waters gathered from the storm
Each star

Sitting inside the darkness
I step out, where else but
Into the hall of shadows
Searching a God.

The Best Poem Of Baru Gobira

Keeper Of The Rain

It is not for me little girl
The wind brings the rain;
It is not for me little bird
The sun warms the grain;
It is not for me little bull
The whistle of the train;
It is not for me little ant
The nectar of the plain
It is not for me little one
The moons of Saturn wane.

It is but a gift for you
From the keeper of the rain.

Copyright Baru Gobira 2006

(April 2006 Delaware)

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Baru Gobira Popularity

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