Baru Gobira

Rookie (7 may 1952 / India)

Baru Gobira Poems

1. Feather So Fair 5/30/2006
2. Healing Music 5/30/2006
3. Few Have Kissed The Lotus Lips 7/9/2010
4. Tribute To An Unknown Soldier 7/10/2010
5. The Book Of Tomorrows 7/11/2010
6. All(Uring) Charms Of The Looking Glass. 7/12/2010
7. A Thousand Eyes 4/16/2006
8. For There Is A Shoulder On Which I Have Cried 7/16/2010
9. A See-Saw 7/17/2010
10. The Master & An Incomplete Painting 7/17/2010
11. Unless You Want Night To Power Day.. 7/17/2010
12. I Am All That You Must One Day Be 7/19/2010
13. But That’s Not True 7/19/2010
14. I Surrender 7/19/2010
15. Between The Future That Must Come And A Present That Must Go 7/20/2010
16. When Darkness Consumed Night 7/21/2010
17. Choose Your Rice Bowl 7/23/2010
18. Screaming Peels Of Orange 7/23/2010
19. For The Flowers Of Silence To Bloom 7/23/2010
20. I Will Again Draw Another Line 7/27/2010
21. Awakened From A Dream In Which I Lived Inside 7/30/2010
22. More Naked Than The Morning Dew. 7/30/2010
23. Soft Falls The Rain On My Soul 7/31/2010
24. A Coffee Morning 8/3/2010
25. Changing Chinese Chimes 8/5/2010
26. A Farmer Of Stars 8/5/2010
27. For I Never Left Darkness 8/6/2010
28. The Passing 8/6/2010
29. In Pain I Am Alive 8/6/2010
30. I’ve Nowhere To Go 8/9/2010
31. Die Die The Seagulls Cry. 8/16/2010
32. A Walk Through God’s Stream. 8/16/2010
33. Till Love Has Found It’s Silent Tomb 7/16/2010
34. The Songmaker Sleeps 8/3/2010
35. A Flower Rested On My Window Sill 7/31/2010
36. Blinding Clarity 7/16/2010
37. A Beggar I Never Met 7/30/2010
38. A Mother Remembers 7/27/2010
39. Ask A Florist The Way To Peace 7/14/2010
40. If I Were Destined To Write Just One Line 7/9/2010

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Best Poem of Baru Gobira

If I Were Destined To Write Just One Line

I was struck
With a reality bolt
If I were destined to write just one line
What would I choose?
That I rested within the borders of pent up dreams
Or the stars advanced to meet words in the summer sky
Better still the quite descended and silence was eloquent
But I, noisy like the world, spun a web of unreal perfections
Hoping to reach the Beautiful One
What should I write?
But that my spirit is one with the sun and I’ve nowhere to go
That I spoke to the lamp post on my return from the tavern of delight
Or the treasure house of words is bare and no longer...

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Keeper Of The Rain

It is not for me little girl
The wind brings the rain;
It is not for me little bird
The sun warms the grain;
It is not for me little bull
The whistle of the train;
It is not for me little ant
The nectar of the plain
It is not for me little one