Ahamad Ilyaas Vilayathullah

At The Estuary - Poem by Ahamad Ilyaas Vilayathullah

The sea is not turbulent today.
The waves advance and recede.
The silver rays of the rising sun,
The white clouds of the blue sky,
And the grey shades of the westerly
Droopy coconut tree leaves,
Make me drowsy on the barren rock
Overhanging into sea.

The ebb and flow of the waves
Keep murmuring in my ears,
And seem to disclose to my heart
What many tried to hear and
Could hear only vaguely
And could not make out what
The sea has all along been trying
To tell those on the shore.

Sophocles, Shakespeare, Milton, Arnold,
Many are those who pricked
Their ears to this ebb and flow
To know what the sea whispers
To those on the shore.

'This universe has a lord, who created it
And I submit to him in full
And sing glorifying his name.
Wish you to sing with me?
For, none but him deserves our praise'
The waves whisper in my ears
And continue its ceaseless ebb and flow
And do not wait for me awhile.

My rustic friend heard it once
And thought it a crime not to fall in line
And catch the rhythm of the universe
In the ebb and flow of the waves,
Giving allegiance in full
To the lord of the waves.
'I bear witness that there is no lord
Other than the one who created
The waves of the sea and the clouds of the sky.'
He declared, with the waves and the clouds
Watching in delight and amazement!

The sea gets turbulent at times,
And the ebb and flow become overhanging
Mountains and valleys of deep chasms
Finding the ingratitude of those on the shore
Who take all but him for praise and glory!

The sea, like the sky and the earth,
Blow up and explode, finding those on the shore
Taking every paltry thing for praise and glory,
And for words like these gushing from their mouths:
'The lord of the waves and the clouds
Has a begotten son like us! '
The sea knows for sure the waves of its wrath
Will make those on board and those on shore
Subdued and humble beyond all our thoughts!

Generations in and out,
The sea will continue its roar
And the waves the ebb and flow
Reminding those on board and those on shore
Of what the most villainous one has made them
Throw into the chasm of oblivion,
Never again to be retrieved!

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