Phyllis Strong

At Year End - Poem by Phyllis Strong

Did you do all of the things
That you had on your list to do;
The dreams that you had, goals that you set,
With enthusiasm, did you go through?

Are you at the weight that you had proclaim,
Or are you even bigger;
Or did you stay the same?

Did you make new friends,
Are old friends gone;
Are you surrounded by people, who love you,
Or are you all alone?

Did you help a person in need;
Is a hungry belly full.
Did you join in, when others needed help;
And all together pull.

Did you thank God for everything….(Ephesians 5: 20)
Or only for the good;
Did you give to any charities
Or just said, “I wish I could.”

Is your household in order,
Is your spending under control;
Did you pay off your debt,
Or is it still lenders you owe?

Is your checkbook in balance,
Or is there Not Sufficient Funds;
Do you have a savings account,
For when the unexpected comes?

At year end, will anyone remember you
For the things you did or said;
Or was it a year taking up space;
With nothing good to add?

What about Christmas….
Did you pay for everything in cash?
Or did you go on a credit card shopping spree
Trying to get, what the Jones’ has?

Did you make your children’s day,
With a kiss, a hug, and “I Love You.”
Was there bedtime stories read;
Or did they not, see much of you?

Did you pay all your bills on time,
And paid all the monies due
Or did you pay half, and snickered and laugh
Keeping pleasure money for you?

Did you spend and spend for your wants,
Till there was no money in the end;
And for your needs, you asked money from the Church,
Your family and friends?

At year end, here comes a New Year.
Will you see it? I hope you do.
God still has a plan for your life this New Year;
Will you fulfill it…?
It’s up to you.

Copyright © 2009 by-Phyllis Strong

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