Autobiography Of A 1000 Yrs Old Shrine Poem by Jayeeta Shamsul

Autobiography Of A 1000 Yrs Old Shrine

I am 1000 years old cathedral, you are my Jesus;
I am the dome; you are under my shade, generous.
You save me, I save you;
You keep me, I keep you!
You forgive my sins, I return the favor.
I am the reason you stand still years after years,
You are the reason I keep walking years after years.
Your stones would cringe; your colors would fade without me;
Your face would show wrinkles,
Your eyes won’t twinkle…..
If I stop saving you.
I save you from sun, storm, thunder, rains
In return you cleanse my sins;
I am a tattoo on your body,
I am the spunky scar you can’t show everybody.
I don’t fear you, I can adore you,
You are my moon, I am the spots.
You are my Magdalena
You are my belladonna!
I am a tiny bead of your bracelet,
I am a tiny throne of your trinket.
I am 1000 yrs old shrine,
Battling to make you divine;
I am your savior
I am your sage; I am your sire,
Please don’t satire.
You are my Bible,
Don’t make me keep a rifle! !
I am 1000 yrs old Cathedral,
Saving you from every betrayal.
They attacked my walls, snatched my tiles,
They robbed my jewels, stabbed my baby angels;
But all these my body bore,
To reach on time’s ashore,
Having a sailor like you! !
I can still remember the invaders,
They tried to make me shutter,
But I stood still.
My body bears every sign of wound,
Only my lord found;
But I have none to console,
Because my Jesus consoles you! !
Violence deepened my wounds,
Vandalism made me spellbound,
But my lord remained sound (from outside) .
Today I’m stinky with blood, sweats, sighs, tears,
But blood or tears don’t change color,
According to race! !
I am blind to skin colors,
I can’t defer white, black, brown or yellow;
My dream world is always mellow
With love! !
I am the saint,
I am the sinner,
I am the pioneer,
I am sweet surrender!
I am nothing but bricks & stones,
I don’t understand religions,
I can’t stand the battle of “isms”.
Both crusade and jihad diminished me,
Wars suffocated me,
I am just alive outside.
May lord save you from the wars,
May lord forgive you sinners,
May you paint me newly,
May Christ give me the strength
To unfurl the flag of humanity! ! ! !

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