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I am a weird boy in wacky clothes,
I know fire bending since my birth.
When I was a mere child,
I started playing with fire,

The Herbalist: -

She deals with herbs,
She collects the rarest herbs,

Everyone calls her ‘bad'
I've never seen her sad,
She is vivid on own fad,
For her I am mad!

I am angel of sleep,
I am convoy of
I worship the

The Scroll of Sorceress:

I do dark arts,
I do allure men to beat drums,

The drum of revolution:
I am a wooden tribal drum,
I cause explosions on your eardrum,
I don’t know the reasons of being calm,

I am a woven thread of red, white and yellow,
I make hundred emotions mellow,
I transcend your walk into a flight of swallow,
With chimes, I fulfill nature’s hollow.

I am Roman dynasty
You are the reason of destruction.
I am tyranny
You are freedom.

I am 1000 years old cathedral, you are my Jesus;
I am the dome; you are under my shade, generous.
You save me, I save you;
You keep me, I keep you!

When you were praying before Jesus Christ,
When you intended for sacrifice
When you were searching the lost paradise,
When the world desired justice,


I am a little boy called Whim,
Inside your heart I swim,
I am your invisible trim,

A stalker

I am stalker at night,
I am smooth talker at daylight,

Loving a criminal:

Everyone calls him a criminal,
They want to arrange his funeral,

The worshipper:

By Jayeeta Shamsul

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Playing With Fire

I am a weird boy in wacky clothes,
I know fire bending since my birth.
When I was a mere child,
I started playing with fire,
To gain long stares,
To buy things of my desire,
To buy things dire.
I am offspring of fire,
Ive born with fire,
I’ve played with fire,
I do romance with fire.
I am avatar of fire bending,
I’ve read the scrolls of fire bending,
I’ve touched the sorrows of fire rings,
I’ve burnt myself in fire, heart-rending.
Then suddenly I became fire’s fright,
I started bending it to my sweet will.
I made the fires dance to my tunes,
I twirled them in sand dunes.
I’ve sent fires to search my love,
I’ve lost myself to the fire dove.
I’ve noticed insects flight towards fire,
I’ve gazed people giving up lives to fire,
I’ve seen homes burning down by fire,
Still, I am the last person,
To attend ‘Burning man’ festival.
I swish my hands to move fire,
I swirl my body to tame fire,
I do dance with the phoenix of fire,
I shed tears to stop the burning love letters.
I’ve lost loved ones in open fire.
Still, I do live with fire,
Making it a slave of my desire!
I do love its warmth,
I do tolerate its wrath,
I do understand its worth.
Fire does charm me with destruction’s scroll,
Fire does indulge me in fire-bender’s role.
I am a weird boy in wacky clothes,
I am fire-charmer since my birth.
I’ve experienced the fire of love,
Fire of passion,
Fire of sex,
Fire of animosity,
Fire of cruelty,
Fire of envy,
Still I do befriend fire as a whole.
Fire is my almighty,
It’s given me dignity,
It let me know my identity! !
I see fire as a strong-hearted woman,
It comes back again and again;
Like the fiction of phoenix,
Every time with a new jinx.
Fire is most unwelcomed guest,
Still, it welcomes me with zest.
It is not always daunting,
That’s why I mastered the art of fire-bending.
Tribal songs can ignite fire,
Roast your meat on oven fire,
Take your love in a bonfire,
Flee from wildfire,
And never ignore the gazes of fire! !
Fire is my friend,
Fire is my foe,
Fire strengthens me,
In the days of woe.
I confide things with fire,
To fire, I’m great womanizer.
I borrow drops of fire from the sun,
I’ll evaporate the mysteries till undone.
I’ll lit up the lamp of life,
With drops of stolen fire.
I will recognize the hidden spark,
I will venture for stones in the dark;
To enkindle the fire inside people.
That fire is very precious,
To shun the shadows of slavery,
To erase the scars of treachery,
To catch the flight to bravery! !

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