Jayeeta Shamsul Poems

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Playing With Fire

I am a weird boy in wacky clothes,
I know fire bending since my birth.
When I was a mere child,
I started playing with fire,

The Herbalist

The Herbalist: -

She deals with herbs,
She collects the rarest herbs,

The Bad Woman

Everyone calls her ‘bad'
I've never seen her sad,
She is vivid on own fad,
For her I am mad!

Angel Of Sleep

I am angel of sleep,
I am convoy of
I worship the

The Scroll Of Sorceress:

The Scroll of Sorceress:

I do dark arts,
I do allure men to beat drums,

The Drum Of Revolution

The drum of revolution:
I am a wooden tribal drum,
I cause explosions on your eardrum,
I don’t know the reasons of being calm,

An Anklet Of Whim

I am a woven thread of red, white and yellow,
I make hundred emotions mellow,
I transcend your walk into a flight of swallow,
With chimes, I fulfill nature’s hollow.

I Am Roman Dynasty

I am Roman dynasty
You are the reason of destruction.
I am tyranny
You are freedom.

Autobiography Of A 1000 Yrs Old Shrine

I am 1000 years old cathedral, you are my Jesus;
I am the dome; you are under my shade, generous.
You save me, I save you;
You keep me, I keep you!

Sayings Of Judus Christ

When you were praying before Jesus Christ,
When you intended for sacrifice
When you were searching the lost paradise,
When the world desired justice,

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