Autumn Trail Poem by William Kofoed

Autumn Trail

long dark fingers lie across
a trail so deeply worn
as pale cold sun settles low
and cooling breeze begins to flow

leaves high in the trees rustle so
bright green fading to pale gold
softly gently a few to fall
to the ground so far below

through many years this trail I walked
in many seasons that change
so much of that which I do see
and the deep feelings that it brings

a tiredness in autumn is
even though much is still green
the vigor that was born in spring
no longer here is seen

tall the trees that line the path
reaching high into the light
and I do remember when
they were just seedlings then

long ago in memories eyes
I do remember then
looking on them so fondly
and wondering what they would be

joyful wanderings when I was young
through the growing trees
on this path quite new to me
not knowing what I would find

within the woods warmth would grow
as the sun it would ascend
and the shadows would shrink away
and more fully here would shine

the woods here were then full
with so much that to be seen
the promises of spring fulfilled
so fully throughout these woods

I remember walking then
on soft grass growing so green
through the softly wrestling trees
beneath the warm blue

along the path so much life seen
squirrels with bushy tails full
and the birds that flew so high
how their songs did fill my days

flowers bloomed along the way
and bees among them to fly
the sounds of life so softly heard
did fill my every day

on the trail I did not walk alone
others did travel there
and I would meet them along the way
journeyed sometimes together we

finding there within the woods
meadows with sunlight filled
tall green grasses waving in the breeze
where together we could be

days together with laughter filled
as together we were then
walking through the many trees
among the flowers so bright

summers days did slowly cool
as the sun sank lower down
life's fullness was slowly lost
as it's warmth did slowly fade

my steps do now trod on fallen leafs
lying golden upon the path
the fullness of green trees is lost
as the leaves do softly fall

walking down this worn path
remembering all that once was
how life then was so full
though now more empty is

deeply worn this trail now lies
though once so new it was
and I wonder at its change
from its younger days

Saturday, January 18, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: poetry
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