Baking Bread Poem by William Kofoed

Baking Bread

Early morning in half light
setting out to bake some bread
getting out the tools all need
shining steel and burning heat

6 quart mixer of heavy weight
shining bowls of stainless steel
spinning hooks of the enamel white
heavy motor of ozone stink

hardened glass and red thermometers
measuring cups of precision use
machine ground wheat of brown and white
salt of sea and golden butter

glasses of water heated just right
packets of yeast poured with in
golden honey from wild flowers
mix together and set to bubble

steel cups filled with white flour
even smooth with knife for butter
poured into the spinning hook
spinning in an orbital pattern

adding both salt and butter
spinning till as smooth as satin
adding then the brown wheat flour
turning till it ascend like a ladder

pouring out on floured counter
kneading with fingers lightly floured
shaped to fit the loaf tins waiting
there to rise with yeast breathing

oven heated to medium hot
filled with steam for the crust
baked until a golden brown
with the kitchen aroma filling

new fresh bread hot from oven
set aside to finish breathing
then to slice for the eating
covered with butter and golden honey

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