Ave Caesar Poem by Robinson Jeffers

Ave Caesar

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No bitterness: our ancestors did it.
They were only ignorant and hopeful, they wanted freedom but wealth too.
Their children will learn to hope for a Caesar.
Or rather- for we are not aquiline Romans but soft mixed colonists-
Some kindly Sicilian tyrant who'll keep
Poverty and Carthage off until the Romans arrive,
We are easy to manage, a gregarious people,
Full of sentiment, clever at mechanics, and we love our luxuries.

Ave Caesar
Dustin D Winn 01 November 2020

The inevitable comparison in the comments ironically answers the mystery of why people want a Caesar. The authoritarian left seeks to take away freedom; to do so they demonize Trump, the leader who done more than any other to keep American freedom for the people. Caesar doesn't come on snarling; he comes on slick, smiling, and full of twisted truths, like Biden, the figurehead of the machine that will continue to take your freedom, bit by bit.

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Michael Walker 10 November 2019

An enigmatic poem in some respects. Modern Americans hoping for a Caesar, like Napoleon. However, their own Constitution prevents that from ever happening long term. Donald Trump is, in some ways, like Caesar I guess.

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Peter C 22 July 2018

2008 turned out OK.2016, on the other hand -

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Clayton Haven 25 October 2008

I am new to this website. I am visiting because Simon Winchester referred to him in his book, A Crack in The Edge of the World. Today is October 25,2008 - 10 days from a fateful election. Ave Caesar feels apt to the occasion, not so much in the Caesar as in we who await him.

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Robinson Jeffers

Robinson Jeffers

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